Another History of China

I want to change the ending of the story “The Moon Lady” in The Joy Luck Club. After the girl, Ying-Ying, lost in that occasion, the fishermen dropped her beside the lake. She wasn’t able to meet her family members; therefore, she was lost in China. Her parents searched for her all around in China, but they did not find her. One of the Japanese invaders, Aung, found her in a village, and he took her Japan as a child servant for his home. After that all family members of Ying-Ying heard that she was in Japan. Her father, mother, and Amma had gone Japan to bring her back. However, when Aung saw these Chinese, he killed her father and kept these women as his concubines. All Japanese gave a lot of pain to these three women. They suffered a lot in Japan. Since there was a conflict between China and Japan, no one was helping them to come out from that country. After a few years elapsed, Amma and Ying-Ying’s mother made a plan to run away from that country with Ying-Ying. Once, while they were trying to escape from there, one member of Aung’s family saw them. After that they were locked for forever in his house. However, little Ying-Ying was not locked because she was doing all household chores. Every night, these three women were making plans about how could they escape from that prison. They were also thinking about making changes in China and removing all the Japanese from China. One night Aung’s son, Peter, heard their conversation, and at midnight he unlocked the door where they were trapped. That boy helped them to go back China. These ladies went back to China and worked as leaders and helped many people to save their lives from Japanese terrorists. They also raised their voice against the Japanese. Ying-Ying worked as an editor in her own newspaper company, Wake Up Chinese, and wrote articles to motivate people to take part in the movements. After a few years, the Japanese gave up, and China became an independent country. Ying-Ying was the prime-minister of that country. She made many positive changes such as helping poor people, establishing many schools, and eradicating unemployment. She worked very hard to develop her country. In the present age, China is developing at a fast rate and making its position in the world due to her. At the end, Ying-Ying got married to Peter (Aung’s son) to establish peace between China and Japan.

One Response to Another History of China

  1. vythai says:

    Dear Savitri,
    i really like the way you think, it is very creative. what an intersting story!
    i think it fits the fact in the next story that Lena’s father helped her mother in China from something difficult and gruesome.
    i also like the way you name the invader and the newspaper company, which is fantastic.
    i just remind you that the title is The Moon Lady and her father is a European man.
    Great job. i’m eager to see your other posts.

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