Accidental Answer to “What Is Love?”

After reading Pablo Neruda’s poem about love, I found many questions in my mind. I was confused about the meaning of love, because what I had heard and read about love was completely different from what Neruda had described in his poem. As a result of my confusion, I started surfing net to find the true and appealing meaning that can persuade me. I could not find anything to convince me. During this bewilderment, I opened my Facebook to have a break. After only a few minutes I received a message in my Facebook which surprised me. It was the thing that I was looking for, a poem about love! It was by Rumi (the famous persian poet1207-1273)! I could not believe my eyes! That accident made me look for the page that had sent the message. There, I found a beautiful video that encouraged me to share both the poem and the video.

Here you are the mesmerizing poem from a poet who was in love so that everything could remind him his dear beloved and would make him dance and sing. However, his beloved was not a human body but he was God.

Love is longing and longing, the pain of being parted;
No illness is rich enough for the distress of the heart,
A lover’s lament surpasses all other cries of pain.
Love is the royal threshold to God’s mystery.
The carnival of small affections and polite attachments
Which litter and consume our passing time
Is no match to Love which pulses behind this play.
It’s easy to talk endlessly about Love,
To live Love is to be seized by joy and bewilderment;
Love is not clear-minded, busy with images and argument.
Language is too precocious, too impudent, too sane
To stop the molten lava of Love which churns the blood,
This practicing energy burns the tongue to silence;
The knowing pen is disabled, servile paper
Shrivels in the fire of Love. Bald reason too is an ass
Explaining Love, deceived by spoilt lucidity.
Love is dangerous offering no consolation,

Only those who are ravaged by Love know Love,
The sun alone unveils the sun to those who have
The sense to receive the senseless and not turn away.
Cavernous shadows need the light to play but light
And light alone can lead you to the light alone.
Material shadows weigh down your vision with dross,
But the rising sun splits the ashen moon in empty half.
The outer sun is our daily miracle in timely
Birth and death, the inner sun
Dazzles the inner eye in a timeless space.
Our daily sun is but a working star in a galaxy of stars,
Our inner sun is One, the dancing nuance of eternal light.
You must be set alight by the inner sun,
You have to live your Love or else
You’ll only end in words.

~Mevlana Rumi

Translated by Raficq Abdulla

One Response to Accidental Answer to “What Is Love?”

  1. auwsohana says:

    suunyday, you did very good job by adding this pome in your blog. however, it will be more better if you discussed what was your confusion in Pablo Neruda’s pome and which remove your confusion in yiur given poem.

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