Imaging Another Future for the World

I am not going to write about the topic “Imagining Another Future for Asia” because you learnt a lot about it in the Dhaka conference. I want to write about the consequences of immortality. Scientists are inventing various methods for extending the life span of human beings. Some of them are cryogenics suspension, nanotechnology, cloning stem cells, drinking resveratrol, and caloric restriction. What will happen after 50 years? Can you imagine a situation when no one will die, and all people will look young?

Each second three people are dying, but when men become immortal, no one will die. As a result, the population will increase in a dramatic way. Almost 155,204 people die, and 384,000 are born on average per day (Ask). Therefore, think about the condition of the population when such a large number of people are born each day, and no one is going to die. Even though the government will implement a rule for birth control, the population is not going to decrease. Everywhere we will see more then 100 stories buildings to adjust these people, and many bridges between buildings.  Moreover, we will hardly ever see any tree or garden in the ground, but we will see that all vegetables and all crops will grow on our rooftops. All agricultural scientists will work very hard to produce high-yield seed varieties. By the time we will be 100 year old, we will see that one brinjal will be the size of a pumpkin. There will be also shortage of the natural resources. Furthermore, all wild animals will be extinct.

In addition to these, people will be free of all diseases and aging. There will be not any limited age of marriage for a person. If someone feels bored with his or her spouse for a long period of time, then he or she will marry someone else. The children of that spouse will say, “Today is my father is going to get marry, and my coming stepmother is 100 years older than him.”

In the present everyone prays for a long life, but in the future, they will pray for a short life because it may be very boring to live such a long life. However, it will be really beautiful and enjoyable. I want to enjoy this kind of life. I wish to be immortal, and I think it will be possible on coming years.

3 Responses to Imaging Another Future for the World

  1. auwsohana says:

    your imagination is very good and i think the future of the world will be something comparable to your imagination. however, i think that if scientists can be able to invent the antidote of aging, it will be the advantage of rich people and country.

  2. nusrat4 says:

    Will it be really enjoyable?Think, in future you will become more lazy and you will have more time but no work to do because everythying will be in your hand before you wish.You might say that it is really interesting because you don’t require to do anything, but do you know it is more enjoyable if you work hard to gain something.Do you think you can cooperate with a boy who is 200 years younger than you?If you observe your surrounding you will see it is really difficult to retain a relationship with a husband who is 20 or 30 years older than you. May be in the future, you will remain young, but do you thing it is possible to keep your mind ever young?Will people have that much emotion as they have today?As there will be young people everywhere, a boy may marry someone that time and after one month it might seem to him boring and he might devorce that women and marry someone else.As everybody will be young, will there be any necessity to obey one’s parents or will you understand that you need to respect the man who is talking to you? In addition to, life must seem boring at that time and scientist will research to find cure to make people aged. Hence, it is better to die naturally as we heve born naturally.

  3. shinyday14 says:

    Reading your writing I remembered a story that my uncle had told some years ago. One part of this story is different and does not discuss the everlasting life without getting old or weak; however, I think this would be good to share it. The story is about the ancient time that people had not found the cure for many diseases and many of them were losing their lives for simple diseases or accidents. In that time, there was a good, pious man who used to pray a lot. He had been trusted by all people. One day, the people of his village went to him and asked him to pray for the sick people. They couldn’t suffer the death of their beloved ones one by one. So they asked him to pray for them to have forever lives. Despite his unwillingness, the virtues man did pray and God accepted his prayer; the man referred to the people and told them not to be worried because his pray had been fulfilled and they will not die anymore. All of them became happy and went to their normal life. However, the life didn’t become sweet for them. As the time elapsed, they had started becoming older and weaker, but none of them did die. Their village had been full of sick and old people. Diseases spread all over the village; yowling and wailing of them was audible from everywhere. Finally, they understood that death and mortality is a part of world’s nature, so they went to the pious man again and asked them to pray, this time to return mortality and death!

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