The Giving Tree

In the poem “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein we can see a true relationship between the tree and the boy. We can clearly see how the friendship between the child and the tree led the tree to fall in love with the boy. The poem shows the message that we fall in love with those with whom we share memorable moments the most. The moments that the tree and the boy had shared by playing with each other made them close with each other. In addition, the poem also shows how time changes people’s attitude and behavior. When the child was in his childhood, he used to love the tree the most, but as he grew older, he began to live his own life. He didn’t play or sit with the tree anymore. When the boy was leading his happy life, he never reminisced about the tree, but when he needed money, he went to the tree and asked for help. The tree always had the same feelings for the boy and gave him its apples to sell in the market. Later, when the boy needed a house for his wife and his children, the tree asked him to take away its branches.Then, when the boy grew older and wanted a boat, the tree asked him to cut his trunk and make a boat. This shows how the boy changed from his childhood to his adulthood. His demands kept on increasing, but he never felt pity for the lonely tree. On the other hand, the tree gave all its property for the sake of the boy and never let the boy lose his expectation of it. However, the boy kept on demanding more as he was getting whatever he was asking for. The boy’s nature reflects people who want more in their lives. People are so selfish that they only see their own sorrow but never try to understand others. Furthermore, when the boy became old and came towards the tree, the tree asked him what he wanted and the old man then asked for a place to sit and rest. This shows how kind the tree was towards the boy. Even though it wasn’t getting anything in return from the boy, it never stopped helping him. Therefore, looking at the tree’s giving nature, we can clearly see that if we love someone, we shouldn’t expect the same from them, but we should try to help them as much as we can for their happy life.

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One Response to The Giving Tree

  1. auwsoana says:

    excellent!!!! how talent you are prativa to transfer a poem to a pros!!

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