The Giving Tree

Shel Silverstein in “The Giving Tree” clearly depicts how patient and kind the tree was and how happy she felt when she saw the boy ascending in his life, and her dedication and willingness to assist the boy in order to achieve his goals in his life.  However, on the other hand, Silverstein did not fail to depict the selfishness and narrow mindedness of humans.

When the boy was young, he was so lonely.  Then he visited the tree and enjoyed well.     When he wanted something for his survival, he took the benefit of all the parts of the tree: leaves, trunk, branches and fruit.  However, he did not think of reciprocating the tree in any way. When he was with the tree, both of them were happy; both of them loved each other.  Later, as time elapsed, his way to the tree slowly started to decline and he started seeing her only when he felt lonely or when he wanted something from her.  Whatever he asked the tree, no matter when it was, she was ever ready to assist him.  She did not deny at any circumstance.

Even though she had offered the boy all what she could possibly give him, having nothing left for herself, even after her trunk was cut and taken away by the same boy, she started to profusely regret that she could no longer support the boy.  She felt so sorry for that. However, the selfish boy did not even try to console her with at least a couple of words: that’s okay or don’t worry.  Instead, he said that he won’t need very much from her anymore!  Further he asked a quiet place to him to sit and take a rest. Anyway, that was all what the tree could possibly offer him to its best at this moment.

According to this, we can see how selfish and narrow minded humans are.  The boy did not think of watering the plants of the tree or planting another plant instead of destroying this tree.  He only thought about his personal life, his word affairs and his improvement in his life.

Let’s think this vice versa!  What would have happened if the nature takes the benefit of all humans: discarding our parts of the body from us one by one and finally leaving us with only the feet, like the boy dared to do to the tree?  Definitely it will be an ordeal and we all will raise our voices against violence.  Then, is it that occurred to the tree is due to lack of its verbal ability???

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