Why would one want to be Immortal?

I learnt that in ancient times, people have been striving in order to achieve immortality. In ancient times, people used various magic to make it possible but as time elapsed, science became more popular. However, magic could not make a way towards immortality. Science used technologies which were more reliable than magic.  As science developed, the ways of gaining immortality also advanced with time. Various methods and techniques have already been introduced which are the steps toward immortality. Scientists and doctors have been able to make artificial body parts and now who knows if the path to immortality could be found by constant development and advancement. The question which is in my mind is if people find out a way to immortality,how many would step forward for being immortal and what would its consequences be? What do you think?

According to me, I feel that achieving immortality is something against nature and it is a drastic change in human life. Changes always have both pros and cons. Immortality is good in the sense that people will get to live life until eternity and enjoy the essence of life forever. People will no longer have to wait for their death and experience the pain of losing. There would be no more grief for people’s deaths. Everyone can live life forever. Everything will be the same forever: the number of people; the type of work being done; the amount of resources consumed and saved; the place; the thoughts; the ideas.

On the other hand, I can see frustration among people, tiredness from their life and boredom of their life. Things can be enjoyed when they are limited. If things are unlimited then it is certain that one day, they will lose their value. It’s good if things change with respect to time. For instance, even the earth needs to be turned each time after cultivating a crop to maintain its fertility; likewise, it is necessary for men to complete their life cycle and hand it on to the future generations which is within the law of nature. Birth is a natural process, so it is wise to make death natural as well.

I want to be under the rule of nature as we are a part of it.


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