Response to “The Giving Tree”

The poem “Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein made me very sad and thoughtful. From my point of view, the loving tree represents our parents and the young boy represents the youth (young generation).

In the poem, when the young boy was kid, his playing mate was the “tree” just like friend. They loved each other. The kid passed most of his time with the tree. There is a sweet relationship between the tree and the young boy, but gradually the young boy grew older, he forgot the tree. He only came to the tree for satisfying tree his desire. He became selfish. The tree sacrificed his leaves, apples, trunk for the boy’s happiness, but the boy did not give the value of the feelings of the tree. He only thought about his happiness and business. He did not care the happiness of the tree.

This poem concerned me about the responsibilities to my parents and made me thoughtful about their loneliness when our parents are aged. Actually parents and children constitute a family. They are connected with one another by blood, love and affection. The children cannot live through the days of infancy without the loving care of their parents. It is the parents who bring up them, nourish them in sickness, take care of their health, give them proper education and help them to get settled in life. In fact, the parents are the best friends, philosopher, and protectors of their children. They sacrifice whole life, all their happiness to their children. Thus, the children owe a great duty to their parents, but it is a matter of great regret that we are indifferent to our responsibilities to our parents. Being older the Youngs became selfish and busier than before. They do not care about what their parents want. The parents want to pass the last days of their life with their children. Although, they want companionship, the Youngs do not give importance to them. The nature of parents is always “sacrificing”. On the other hand, the nature of Youngs is always “wanting”. We ignore our parents at the old age when they are dependant like child. We do not share our happiness with them, but our parents share all their happiness with us. We forget them in our happy moment and go to them if we are in distress. Even, we send them to old home. Why we do not think about us? We will also have to face this time one day. We will be old one day. Our children will also behave with us in this way. We should take proper care of our parents in their old age.

One Response to Response to “The Giving Tree”

  1. samia71 says:

    It’s quite perpetual that parents are the vessel of affection and care towards their children. Though we don’t realize their feeling properly sometimes, but it is not change our love towards them. It is perpetual that love and affection always shower as one-sided from the parents.

    While ”The Giving Tree” shows the fact that young are always selfish, but I don’t think that it is always true. It is just a simplifying concept of ”aged” and ”youth”. However, it is nice to see your explanation.

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