Response to the article about immortality

“In Pursuit of Immortality: The Science behind Life Extension” is an article by Kristie McNealy M.D that describes the efforts of scientists to cure aging and put an end to death. The article made us acquainted with the techniques like cryonics, the method of preserving human bodies after death with the hope that they would be revived back to life. While reading about the scientists’ attempts to make medicine to avoid natural death, I felt awkward. I feel convenient to add here that it is actually the end point of things that adds meaning to their existence. Likewise, it is death that grants value to life. In other words, we are concerned about the proper utilization of time and better consumption of facilities because we are all well aware that life is a precious gift which we cannot get back once we lose it. The realization that till death we have a limited span of time to achieve our goal motivates us to work at a faster pace and put the best of our talent. We all well know that life is short and proceeds towards death with every click of a clock. With the passage of every proportion of a second, we get closer to death and the time we have to fulfill our desires shrinks further. The knowledge that death is irreversible further intrigues us to work smoothly and even more efficiently so that we could be able to achieve our ambition before we die. Since we cannot refrain from death, we cannot procrastinate if we really want to lead a successful life. Thus, we rush towards our destination and try our best to accomplish tasks on time because we are aware that if we waste time then there is surely no any way to retrieve it back. We are serious about life because we know that we cannot get it back once we die and so endeavor to make best of it. A logical and critical overview of the article tells us if there was any way to revive a corpse back to life, life would have lost its significance. Death actually imparts value to life. If there was a strategy to put a stop to death, man might not have taken life seriously. They would always procrastinate and might have sat idle. Consequently, the highly advanced achievements of today would not have been possible. Moreover, the world is already overwhelmed with problems like over-population, scarcity of food and such other problems. In such a situation, why not be concerned about the health and environmental problems that lead to death at earlier stages than to strive to make life immortal?

One Response to Response to the article about immortality

  1. Dear Meheksaba,
    While going through your response, I found out that you don’t like immortality. But what I found is that you are evaluating this issue from one point of view only. I do respect your view and I too agree that life is valuable because we can’t get it back once it’s slipped from our hands.But why don’t we consider those people who want to live forever doing services and something good for mankind? I think it’s not death that gives meaning to our life but it’s our achievement, good deeds, love, care, and support of the people whom we value in our life. It’s universal that everything start to be finished. But why not take chance to explore science in depth and challenge the nature?
    You said that people become motivated to achieve their goal because they know their lives have no certainity and death is inevitable. But for me, it’s not death that motivates me to achieve my goal. Rather, they are my family and loved ones. When I read your response I paused for a while and questioned myself that how can be death inspiration for us. If arguing with this view of your’s, then I can say that there are many people in this world who think no matter whatever they do, they have to face death.So, why not just relaxing and living life without any effort? Either way their destiny is going to lead them to death. I do not want to imply that you are wrong but I am just putting forward my views.
    I like your conclusion with the help of which you have tried to draw your readers’ attention towards the existing problems due to over population.
    Goodluck for other blog entries.

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