response to “Joy Luck Club”

Really! literature is the mirror of life. I conceded this truth once again when I was reading the novel “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan. Here the writer has described relation between a daughter and mother through the characters. I have read the first two chapters where the writer has narrated the relation between Jeng Mei and her mother Suyuan Woo, and An-mei Hsu and her mother. Both two mothers have a very cool relation with their daughters. Both two daughters are not closed to their mother. Here I want to focus on the relation between An-mei and her mother. After An-mei’s father had died, her mother got married to a man who had low social status. She left An-mei and her younger brother. As a result An-mei and her brother had to live in their uncle’s family with grandmother. Here I want to share my own experience about living without a mother.

When I was seven years old, one day my parents quarreled badly with each other. My mother left our house and went to her father’s house leaving me with my grandmother and elder sisters. I was very shocked thinking why she had not taken me with her. Without mother my days became gloomy and tedious. My grandmother always scolded me when I used to cry for my mother every day. She used to give me a reprimand saying that, “why are you crying? Your mother is not crying for you, and perhaps she is in a happy mood in her father’s house.” Time elapsed, but my mother didn’t come. That time I was so upset that I didn’t talk with anyone; I ate a little and didn’t laugh anymore. Gradually I started to hate her. I behaved very strange; often I used to sleep in the dark under my bed. I had a very bad temper, and I used to quarrel with my sisters. After five or six months, everything was okay between my father and mother, but I felt apathy to my mother. She started to show me affection, but I talked with her a little. I never shared my feelings with my mother. I surprise when I see An-mei still loves her mother even though her mother left them. I think she still loves her because she wants to feel mother’s love. The relation between a daughter and a mother is so spiritual that we can never hate our mothers. A mother never leaves her children unless she is compelled to do it.  I realized this truth when I came to know that my mother used to cry every night for me in her father’s house.

 Mothers are divine gift. Our love for our mothers lies in our bones, into our heart and into every blood vessel of our bodies. That’s why we see in this novel that, An-mei’s grandmother and aunt’s consistently reprimand cannot remove her love towards her mother.

3 Responses to response to “Joy Luck Club”

  1. rstha says:

    I really liked the comparison about your life and that of An-mei. Mothers are the source of love; purity; life; who will comfort us for our lifetime. I agree with what you felt Tasnia that once you are abandoned and learn to live without them, your bond gets weaker. You won’t know what your loved one is thinking about and then you start loosing interest on them. However, mother is mother, someone whom we cant describe in words and cant measure the amount of love they have within them.This word itself is very powerful.
    In addition, the relation between mother and daughter has been shown explicitly in the stroies of mother and daughter. The relation between An-mei and her mother wasnt strong; however, her mother cared for her. Likewise, sometimes we misinterpret them or communicate less with them but they will always be praying for our betterment and happiness in life. “Mother is Mother.” 🙂

  2. papunauw says:

    Dear Tausifa, your response reminded me that mothar’s love can not be exhausted. In this world,anybody can leave us, but our mother will never do that. Mother’s love never fatigues,never tires.The father may turn his back on his child.Sisters and brothers may become deadly enemies, but mother’s love exists in all circumstances.
    I realized it very well when I came here. My mother always tensed about me, whether I am eating properly or not. But my father does not care me so much. My mother phones me three times in a day. She cannot stay without taiking with me. I found nobody without my mother at my distress. She is very loving person.I love my mother very much.

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