Response to “I like it when you are quite”

Pablo Neruda in “I like it when you’re quiet” had expressed the pain, his heart is facing. The silence of his beloved and the coldness in their relationship is hurting him a lot. Though he says he likes it, the twinge behind this “like” is crystal clear. With the pace of time, after giving her all his heart and body to her, the girl is now trying to ignore the poet. The way he says, though the girl is near, her silence makes him feel as if she is dead, is really heart breaking.
Getting to read this poem has highly influenced me. A true love is never measured in physical distance. Sometimes, even though two lovers are physically near they are apart from each other and sometimes they are closest to each others’ heart even in the presence of miles of distances in between them. While reading this poem I reminisce about my friend and his girlfriend. The boy is in abroad and it has been 4 years of their love story. When I look their relation, I wonder if they will be together forever or not. Having trust, respect, understanding and care for each other is must in any relationship. But in this poem I what I feel is that only the poet is concerned about the happiness of his beloved. He is the only one to care, understand and compromise. Whereas, for girl it seems that nothing matters to her. If I were in the place of the poet, I would leave the girl. I would be living happily, thinking that I love someone truly but giving value to others sacrificing own value is something I would have never done. From my point of view, the situation of poet is really pathetic.
The poet writes in his poem that a single word or a simple smile of his girl is enough for him to be happy as they signify the presence of the girl in this world. Strongly disagreeing with this point, what I want to say is that these kinds of feelings seem good only in words. If being practical, it’s not possible, at least for me to live just by looking my beloved’s face and hearing his words regardless of his ignorance and irresponsibility towards our relationship .But I want to ask one question to all those who are reading this writing and that is- Are you ready and strong enough to live your life by just being happy in your beloved’s smile and his single word which signify his presence in this world even though if he doesn’t value your feelings and care for you?

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