my thought about ‘The giving Tree’

‘The Giving Tree’ is a poem which is so simple to understand as you don’t have to use your critical thinking skill! Moreover, it has no inner meaning that you would struggle to realize it! Everything is in front you, clear like a mirror where you can see your own reflection. Really, the poem helps me to think about selfishness of human being once again. Now, I want to describe the poem from two different points of view.

First, the image come to our mind that the tree is symbolizing a parent, mother or father, and the boy is his or her child. After reading the poem we realize that how true the theme is. Every human being is like the boy. A newly born child fully depends on his parents. They raise him with great love and care. They are always ready to fulfill their child’s life until their death. They never think that they won’t be reciprocated by their child. On the other hand, the child thinks that it’s his right to get all facilities he needs from his parents. Gradually he grows up and forgets about the sacrifice of his parents. He has no time to contact with parents or hears their words. But whenever he feels any lack in his life, he will come to his parents to help him. The parents will give him everything they have to live for the sake of their child. They are never sad for an ungrateful child. Instead, they are happy that their boy again comes to them. They only wish happy life of their child. We think that it’s the nature of human life. But I don’t think so. It’s the first duty of a child to look after his parents when he is adult. Only then he can be able to enjoy his life. Otherwise, he will get the same treatment from his children.

Second, if we consider the tree as nature and the boy as a human being, we see the same greedy nature of human. For their betterment humans use the nature brutally. They don’t think that nature is like mother. If they destroy the nature, they will not have another place to survive. Though they never grateful or conscious about Mother Nature, they have to come back to her. As the nature is as great as a mother to human, she will give shelter them until she has the ability. So, we should be aware of the prevention of nature. Otherwise, we cannot be able to live long in earth.

One Response to my thought about ‘The giving Tree’

  1. roksanahasib says:

    Wow! Sohana. I really apreciate the way you have described “The Giving Tree” from two different point of view. It seems to me that i have been able to see my thoughts about the poem through your response. I liked the way you compared the boy with the selfish nature of human. I agree with you about the fact that we human only think about our own good and betterment .Finally when we get what we have wanted , its our nature to forget about the past and about the persons who have helped us to get that. Its also happens that when we do something for someone and don’t get back anything in return we stop reciprocating. Therefore, our mindset become addicted to the concept of ‘give and take.’ However, inspite all of this, there are someone in this world who love us and give us without any condition and desire to get something back in return and they are our beloved parents and our beautiful nature.

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