My Response to “The Giving Tree”

“The Giving Tree” is a beautiful poem written by Shel Silverstein. I found the poem really awe-inspiring and motivating. To be candid, at first, I felt skeptical when I looked at the handout of the poem because it was too long. However, when I watched the video, it really touched my heart and I wished to watch it several times. I found the poem very depressing and sad. I felt pity for the tree, but at the same time I became contemptuous being a human. I thought that the self-centered behavior of the boy did not equate with the caring nature of the tree.

                Comparing the relationship between the tree and the boy with parents and children, parents are like “The Giving tree” who always try to fulfill their children’s needs and desires; while the children are like the boy who is carefree and demanding. From the poem, we can equate the indulgent behavior of the tree with that of our parents. They are always giving in and supporting us. They offer us selfless and pure service. Even if they are in pain and trouble; they are reluctant to disclose their feelings only to give us happiness. According to the poet, the tree never demands but always offers help to the boy. In any case, the tree tries to solve his problems. Similarly, our parents motivate us and try to help us in the ordeals of our lives. In the poem, the boy never seeks the tree to ask whether it is happy or sad rather visits the tree when he is in need. Similarly, children love to enjoy to their fullest. In the childhood, they are innocent and unconcerned about the outer world other than their parents or loved ones, but as they grow they tend to become indifferent about their parents.

                Furthermore, I would like to compare the poem with The Little Prince. We learned that when we tame someone or something, we should be responsible for it. However, in this poem, the boy fails to perform his responsibility. Since he had tamed the tree when he was a little boy, he fails to reciprocate his love as he grows old. Although the boy seems to be indifferent, the tree always performs her responsibility of caring and loving the boy till the end.

                Therefore, I would like to know what your views are about “The Giving Tree.”

One Response to My Response to “The Giving Tree”

  1. fmoriam says:

    My view about “The Giving Tree” is same as you. I felt too disturbed when I saw the video. Is humen-being really like this selfish? You have compared it with the relation of parents and children. You right in some cases, but I can’t support you fully. I believe, children may avoid there parents and become demanding, but at a certain age, when they become adult, they realize their responsibilities towards their parents. When their parents get older, they fulfill their needs and demands. It is also true that there are some exceptions.

    Finally, I liked a lot the way you related the poem with “The Little Prince”! Really, the realtion between the tree and the boy was like taming. In “The Little Prince,” the rose was tamed by the the little prince, but in the poem, the boy was tamed by the giving tree. Your response introduced me with a new dimension that I never imagined!

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