In Pursuit of Immortality

In the article In Pursuit of Immortality, we studied about various technological methods to increase life span and also some ideas about immortality. After reading this article, thought arose in my mind that the science and technologies are moving ahead in the search of immortality with the rapid speed, but I personally disliked the concept of living forever. Sometimes, we feel the requirement to prolong human life as some people may have lots of unfinished works on earth related to oneself and their family. For example, in the family, father is taken as the main source of income. If he is in a critical condition or he is about to die, the process to prolong the life becomes the gift of god.

I certainly don’t mean that old, disabled and common people should die, but we should not forget the law of nature. After the birth, death is certain to occur. The essence of birth and life is indicated by death. Every positive thing should have negative part as well so that we can figure out the importance of that positive thing. Similarly, if the birth is the positive thing, then there should be death as the negative thing, which will give true meaning to birth.

If there would not be death, there would not be any enthusiasm to work and make progress. Everyone would be arrogant and nobody would respect other, may be even parents would not take care of their child or child would not take care of their parents in old age as there is certain that nobody is going to die. Death is the thing that is controlling various kinds of sin as religious people believe that after death, the god will re-evaluate the unrevealed crimes on earth.

If we don’t die, how can our new generation survive? Our new generation will face the problem of overpopulation that leads to global warming and makes life difficult to sustain. So, death is important and I don’t think the science should invest huge amount of money for the research of immortality and try to overcome aging, it could rather invest that amount to serve the living people.

One Response to In Pursuit of Immortality

  1. mumthaz says:

    yes, i strongly agree with your thought. Nature has given us birth with some perposes. What is the point of life if we dont ever die? We have to find the reality behind the death. All human who are born has to be dead one day. Thats the natural phenomina. If not world is going to face unwanted and unexpected problems in the future.

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