According to one of the article based on “Mortality” it states that during the middle age, people believed in Magic and supernatural powers. The ideas, thoughts, beliefs and logic of mortality seemed actually believable and amazing at that time. For example, Nicolas Flamel, a chemist tried to create ‘sorcer’s stone’ which created liquid of life. If one gets a sip of that liquid he/she would become immortal. Another example is “The fountain of Truth”. People alleged that once you bath in fountain of youth you will become immortal. You will always remain young. And so, people went in search of the fountain of life but they could not find it anywhere. These are a few examples but with no legitimate evidence to prove that mortality can be acquired. Before people came to know about science they believed in things like magic. If a person tricks and pretends to vanish things in front of a gathering it was called magic. So when everyone came up with talk about mortality, people believed it and hoped to find such things/places that may make them immortal.   

Since the modern era, science has also taken steps to explore more about mortality and has taken mortality to next level. It has also tried to look into creation and finding the possible ways of longevity.  According to studies in science, controlled and appropriate amount in consumption helps to live long. Control of calories or antioxidants in your body may help. This has been proved right to some extent in laboratory tested animals such as rats, flies, etc… But scientists are still in doubt about its reaction on humans. Science has further improved and had brought about new techniques like cryonic preservation, where one can freeze a body for long time and preserve it. Scientists hope that in future they can come up with more improved ways to make the frozen body to come to life. Some other ways are like invention of Nanomedical robots, genetic engineering, mind uploading and other types.

Ageing can be defined as the wear and tear of cells and body tissues over time.  Although science is doing its best to find methods to live longer life, how is science going to stop the cells and the body as a whole from getting old?? Moreover, ageing occurs over time. So can science stop time??

On the other hand, if science is investing so much and working so hard to be immortal why are they not thinking about the consequences of it. At this very moment population is a huge issue. Acquiring Mortality of life on earth will add more to it. Once life becomes immortal the essence of life would be valueless. Currently for living we do all possible things like we work hard, stay in sun and work, do manual work, serve others, and do what not just for living. Now we are studying to have a good future and have a good living. But if one becomes immortal these things won’t be valuable anymore. Life would lose its meaning – because one wouldn’t die and is no more afraid of death!!

Just say that people are now successful to acquire immortality. I wonder what is one going to do after that??

One Response to Immortal

  1. Dear Yogeeta,

    I enjoyed reading your response. You have included interesting points about the article. Really, science today has progressed a lot in finding the ways for immortality. They have made many discoveries and are still searching for the accurate remedy for aging. But, there is no such clear medicine for that. May be in future they may discover the methods to increase peoples’ longevity. However, there are many side effects of living a long life. Today, the world’s population has been increasing drastically. If people would live a long life, how long the finite resources of the earth will be able to fulfill the people’s needs? I agree with you that obtaining immortality will lose the meaning of life. Furthermore, I also wonder that what people will do after they achieve immortality. I think that death is one of the essences of our life. So, we should live enjoying each moment to its fullest.

    Digya Shrestha

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