Hey Girls!! Let’s Think Critically…

I wonder what critical thinking is. My answer to critical thinking is questioning–questioning how, why, when, where and who. Does this questioning develop our critical thinking ability? Well, in my view it is the most basic part which can help us to initiate critical thinking. Even the most ingenious scientist, Albert Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” I wish critical thinking would be as fun as the games–comparison, sequence and categorizing–that we play in Stella Cotterell’s Critical Thinking Skills book. Nevertheless, today I would like to discuss some of my critical thinking abilities which emerged when I was taking my academic seminar classes and reading The Little Prince during our Reading and Writing Class.

Ms. Ayla had given us a scientific experiment to do. At first when I saw the examples of her experiment I thought it would be easy. I thought it to be easy because I never anticipated it critically. When I questioned myself how, why and when, then the puzzled everything in my mind. I observed that the information which I would collect without applying the techniques of critical thinking would have many flaws. After deep thinking, I realized my personal biases and beliefs were hindering me from thinking critically. I understood that each and every individual has his/her own culture and everyone believes it. However, it is hard to concede that our culture may be untrue sometimes, and our critical thinking abilities can be interfered. Therefore, I became open-minded and flexible, which has helped me to do the experiment successfully. Moreover, when I read The Little Prince, I tried to find reasons for the existence of each character and his roles. The questioning techniques that I applied to myself and to the story helped me to understand the real meaning of the personas presented in the book; otherwise at the beginning it was only a children’s book for me.

Thus I can say that questioning has helped me to clear my mind a lot. Through questioning I am able to do my experiment without biases. Moreover, sometimes I feel that questioning has made me bit more intelligent now then before. Therefore, I would like to share with other girls that when you face any kind of problems while reading, then ask youself the basic questions such as how, why, where, which and when. I hope this will help you to develop your critical thinking power and you can be a deep critical thinker one day.


2 Responses to Hey Girls!! Let’s Think Critically…

  1. aditi27 says:

    Thank you friend for your lively example of critical thinking. Although I agree with your stategy of questioning, I think we don’t always need to ask question to be critical. We can argue, present our own view and sometimes agree with what is said. To make it more clear, every week we post our blog entry being very critical to a specific text or topic. There we not only question, but also agree and argue. The comments can our blog is the also the same. So lets be critical by arguing, questioning , and sometimes agreeing with the text.

  2. yogeauw says:

    That is true Anshu, to me also, basically, what critical thinking meant was just to question it (whatever the matter is). But later I came to know that it has more to do rather than only asking questions. We have to see from all points of view, understand the content carefully and be skeptical. Moreover, it also had some things that we should keep in mind -that is, the questions we ask should be reasonable and logical. Secondly believing or trusting any text easily would make our thinking power weak. Moreover lack at knowledge about the subject would add more to it. That’s where I lack at. I easily believe whatever the text states and there are no questions left in my mind to ask. I don’t get any critical thoughts of that matter. As we are taking this course of Critical thinking, I hope it will improve my thoughts and make me a better thinker. I am happy for you that you have already begun to improve your skills.

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