Fountain of Youth

When this week we studied about the idea of immortality and The Fountain of Youth, I remembered my father telling me stories about the Youth Spring. He told me that this spring really exists somewhere in the world, but nobody knows where it is. He said if somebody finds it and swims in it or drinks from its water, he would remain young forever.  He truly believed in the story because he heard the Prophet Khezr has drunk from it and become immortal.  I was young and the idea seemed very interesting to me. I deeply wished I could find the spring and remain young forever.  I told myself that if I found it one day, I would sell its water to people around the world and become rich. Then, I could help my parents and all the poor people that way. I really enjoyed dreaming about it. Later as I grew up, I learned that people who do good things and avoid harming others will go to heaven, where they will live in their young ages. It was then that I gave up with the idea of Youth Spring. I wished I would die as a good human and would go to heaven. It felt me with joy to think that besides God’s blessing you would be young again in the heaven, without lots of wrinkles on your face and lots of pain in your body.  

 I no longer dream about the Fountain of Youth or the Youth Spring. I don’t think about the heaven or the result of my good work either. I just simply enjoy doing good things and avoid harming others. I like to respect old people and receive others’ respect when I get old. I support the medical researches for finding ways to cure damaged body organs and increasing the average of human lifespan, but, personally, I prefer my life to reach its end in this world at some point. I want to give the space and the opportunity to the next generations to come and live. Instead of thinking about what happens after death or dreaming about immortality, I try to use my time to enjoy the life and help others enjoy their lives too.

One Response to Fountain of Youth

  1. ztandee says:

    Ah! I will go look for The Fountain of Youth. I wish to remain young as well now so that i could accomplish my goals and dreams. However, Immortality is not a joke. I do not think we will get to live forever just like that. A lot of people have this strong appetite to live forever, but can it really be attained? Yes, there are technologies advancing but is it satisfying? There are people who believe in spiritual way of attaining immortality, and there are modern people who believe in technology. I strongly support you Masooma, i too want my life to end at some point, but i am scared. What if i die before finishing my school? What if i die in a strange place and not get to see my mother and brothers for the last time? These are not so important thoughts but these are the only thoughts that are regular at the back of my head. Hope i could get rid of my fears and enjoy while i am still alive. Like you said, instead of thinking about immortality, let us just take pleasure in what we have right now.

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