Do you want to live forever???

A few days ago we read about some technologies about immortality. After reading all those researches and technologies the thing that came up in my mind first is, “What’s the need of all these researches and technologies????” I understand that most of the people do not want to get old or die. That’s why; scientists are busy in inventing new technologies and medicines in pursuit of immortality. They may think that most people die for getting old, but there are lots of people who meet with an untimely death caused by accidents. Suppose, scientists have become successful to discover medicine for immortality, but will that medicine give guaranty about accidents? What if they are run over by a car, or get collapsed under ruins after an earthquake, or suddenly their home catches fire? Will they survive from these accidents just for having those medicines or using those technologies? I have heard that Michelle Jackson used to sleep in an Oxygen Chamber to live long, but we all know what had happened to him in the end. Suddenly he had to die at the age of 51 only. So, in my opinion, the time, energy and money that scientists are spending is nothing but wastage because no one can say that when he will fall victim to an accident.  

Moreover, what a person will get by living forever? We all know that today or tomorrow we are going to die. That’s why we work hard to survive as long as possible. We search for better lifestyle to enjoy our short life to its fullest. We have certain goals and ambitions to fulfill by ourselves and make a haste to accomplish that as soon as possible. So, when someone will get to know that he is going to live forever, he is never going to die, he will never feel the zeal to make his dream come true. Life would become meaningless and aimless as well to him. In addition, it is difficult to see our near and dear ones die in front of us. The more we live, the more we have to endure the pain of losing them. I, myself don’t want to live longer for this reason. I would like to leave the world before my parents. Again the necessity of living forever varies from person to person. Some people want to live longer to serve the human being and have lots of new experience, which is a great idea. It is also okay if we just defer with nature and accept the truth that we have to die, either naturally or accidentally! 🙂

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One Response to Do you want to live forever???

  1. meheksaba says:

    Dear Farah, your response is really inspiring. I concede with you. I would like to add here that while the scientists are trying to devise means to make life immortal, they must be concernd about the problems that our globe is facing due to over population and scarcity of food and other basic needs, So in my opinion I feel it’s better if the scientists inspite of investing huge amounts to preserve the dead bodies in hope of their revival back to life, better they utilize it for some meaningful purpose as helpipng the underpreviliged and sick people for whom the thought of approach to the hospital is like a dream which does not come true.

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