Death in the Freezer (Cryonic suspension)

In the course of teaching about various tactics of immortality, our teacher introduced about cryonic suspension to us. I knew I had heard of it before, but when she spoke it out, I was bewildered what cryonic suspension means. Later she explained it briefly that it is a process in which a person is kept in liquid nitrogen under a freezing temperature so that he can be retrieved back to life in the future, and I reminisced about a novel, “Death in the Freezer.”

The novel starts with a line, “I killed my dead brother.” In the story, Al and Ellen are brother and sister respectively. Previously, they share very happy lives with love, care, and respect for one another. Later, Ellen gets married to a man and lives an unhappy life with her husband and children. On the contrary, her brother, Al becomes a star in a rock band and has a very prosperous and luxurious life. Therefore, she is envious of his wealth and success.

Nevertheless, Al is a drug addict and is infected by AIDS, so he decides to undergo cryonic suspension so that he could be brought back to life when there will be a cure for AIDS. He authorizes the Cryonic Company for his wealth until that time, but this becomes intolerable to Ellen as she is his only one family member who has the right to his property. Hence, she plots a plan to kill him. She decides to switch off the cryonic machine when Al is inside it, and she does it after few months of the cryonic suspension. Later police accuse her of murder, but her lawyer claims that the people who put Al in cryonic machine are murderers. Her lawyer convinces the judge saying that no human being can survive in such a freezing temperature without eating anything for such a long time.

However, in court, another surprising fact gets disclosed that Ellen used to give Al syringes of slow poison which she stole from hospital where she was a nurse. Eventually, Ellen is imprisoned for killing her own brother.

I felt very pity on Ellen. It is true that she tries to kill his brother by using slow poison, but he dies because of cryonic suspension rather than the slow poison. Hence, in my opinion cryonic suspension is a way to death but not the way to immortality.

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One Response to Death in the Freezer (Cryonic suspension)

  1. The novel “Death in the Feezer” sounds interesting. Thank you for your brief summary about the novel. I would love to read it if I get an oppurtunity. It was really sad for Al that he was murderred. I wonder how he accepted to experimented when he was alive. May be he didn’t know that he wud die if kept in the feezer or may be he was furstrated with his disease.On the other hand, I wonder why would his sister give him slow poison? Is it because he asked himself for it her as he was a drug addict or is it because she was jealous with his rockstar life?
    I would like to get information about the novel. I’m curious.

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