A Letter from an Immortal Person

Dear reader,

It is the first day of 3011. Still I’m alive. I’m alive because I am immortal. I remember once I wanted immortality. Now I have that, but I don’t want it anymore because the world seems boring to me.

I intend to write this letter because today I am going to tell you how I reached in the state of immortality. I hid it to protect the confidentiality of an agreement which I had had with the scientists that I didn’t expose my history of being immortal until 3011. Today, in the first day of 3011, I am going to disclose the mystery.

Oh! It’s all about 1000 years ago when I wanted to become immortal. In that time, many scientists wanted to expand the span of human life. They even wanted to reach in a stage of immortality if it would be possible. They tried with various options to create the immortal life for human. Accordingly, some of the scientists in America announced that they wanted some brave persons who wanted to be the test subjects of their ‘immortality experiment.’ I thought I was brave enough to take this opportunity to become immortal! My family tried to impede me in my wish. However, I was firmly strict in my position that I went to America and exposed my wish to be the part of this project.

We are all about five who are willing to be the test subjects for this experiment. I didn’t know about others, but I believed that might be they were not able to turn us as immortal persons. Although I believed it, I had a curiosity about this project and the result. Before starting the experiment they had completed an agreement with us which I mentioned in this letter before. After that they applied cryonic suspension. That process referred to keep a person under liquid nitrogen in a metal tank as if there was a possibility to retrieve back in future. We, all five underwent this process. Though it was for dead people, we were different in the sense of application of that project. We were all alive. They gave us anesthesia. Then we were kept in that metal tanks and given cryonic suspension. After 150 years, I came to know that that experiment was successful because of me because other four were died. What a pathetic incident it was. It was a matter that I wanted to be immortal, but later I realized that mortality stood for understanding a life in a better way. Then we all knew that one day we all died; it encouraged us to savor every experience of our lives. My confession is that I did a mistake to want to be immortal because I am so lonely now.

It’s all about my past history. If you want to trust my story then do it, or if you don’t want to, then it’s okay. It’s up to you.

An anonymous immortal person


3 Responses to A Letter from an Immortal Person

  1. Masooma says:

    Dear Immortal,
    How is life in 3011? Are you still using internet to communicate? And post on AUW’s blog?
    In my opinion, you have a valuable experience. We try to enjoy our life because we know are not given the second chance after death. Also, people who think the idea of immortality is interesting or exciting may not have thought about human’s tendency to get bored with a situation that never ends. And the reason that many people seek immortality is that human beings are usually concerned about the length of life more than its quality.
    Anyway, if you are really tired, you can kill yourself or pray to God to take your life. In case those ways didn’t work, contact us. We will figure out a solution for your problem.

    • samia71 says:

      Dear my first reader,

      Yeah! I am using internet. It is so special internet that I can easily connect with other people from other decades. It’s seems to you fictitious, I know, but from my point of view it is no longer impossible! Really it seems boredom to me, such kind of immortal life, but I think who kill themselves are weak-minded in their inside, so I don’t agree with you. Yes, I can pray to Almighty. If it doesn’t work then I will contact with you to discuss what can I do.

      Take care!

  2. Hi Samia:
    I really appreciate your creativity that you write such an interesting blog that its topic convinced every student of blue and yellow group to read it. I want to suggest some ideas which help your immortal personality to achieving its goal. Now, I am writing a letter to the immortal person.

    Hello my immortal friend:
    How are you?
    I am sure that you are not good, and eagerly waiting that when you are gong to die. if you really want to die, then I have many methods for this. First one is that go to the doctor or scientist who make you immortal, and ask for anti immortality medicine. Second method is that don’t take any food and do not drink water so that that mortality medicine unable to do its work, and lastly you became very weak then you can reach on your destination. The another thing is that stop breathing. The last method is that you can suicide by various methods.
    If this methods do not work then let me know. I will rethink about it.
    Thank you
    Wishing you have a short life.

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