“The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstien- cycle of youth and old.

I think this poem flawlessly describes about youth and old age. Both youth and old have different expectations from each other but it never turns out the way they want. This poem reminds me of the devoted nature of our parents and families. They give us all from birth to adolescent and we take that for granted. We are always displeased with what is given to us. The boy from the poem gets it all; money, house, boat, and a place to rest when he becomes an old stump. What about the tree? What does the tree get? Nothing, the tree gets nothing. It is very depressing to see the tree being left out. It is like avoiding your poor, old, and helpless parents. At the beginning of the poem the boy was very happy, innocent and friendly. He craved his initials on the tree, he hugged the tree, climbed the tree, and ate apples from the tree. They both were very happy and their love was like a parents and children’s love. As the boy grows older, he changes, he is no more that special little innocent and friendly boy. He is a grown up with life of his own, but did he make a right move by ditching the tree?  Why would he do something like that?  He only comes to visit the tree when he needs something. Such selfish act! I personally am filled with profound regret because I too hurt my mom a lot. This poem reminds me of the way I behave with my mom. I get mad at her when she asks me to clean my room, or do my laundry, or asks me to finish my dinner. Such a silly reasons to get mad at mom, but the important thing is, we hurt them and we never realize that. Even though I am the one who is at fault, she would come and apologize. She struggled a lot during her childhood, and while raising us. After losing her husband, my dad, she was absolutely devastated, but she picked herself up just for me and my brother.  They will sacrifice everything for us, just like the tree from the poem. The tree sacrifices everything, her apples, her branches, and her trunk, self-sacrificing herself just to see the boy happy. In the end of the poem, the boy returns back, old and useless, he comes back to the tree and the tree welcomes him back like as if nothing happened. Where is that children of the boy? Where are those families of his? He ditched the tree for them but where are they when he needs them the most? The cycle continues.

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One Response to “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstien- cycle of youth and old.

  1. phamtram says:

    You are, somehow, similar to me, Tandin (i think that that is the reason why we become close friends, hehe). I used to demanded and demanded my family without concerning their sorrow and worries. However, something is better than nothing. Due to the poem, we all realize our faults and endeavor to correct our mistakes. Let us live and study well so that we will never feel bitterly remorse. The boy can continue the cycle, but we can stop it if we want and try. Let’s stop the cycle of selfishness and establish and continue the cycle of care and love.

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