Response to “In pursuit of Immortality: The science behind life extension”

According to the article “In Pursuit of Immortality: The science behind life extension” written by Kristie McNealy M.D, scientists are now about to accomplish an anti-aging pills for people. He says that the rate of medical and scientific advances are increasing every time resulting in development of medications and technology that increases human’s life span; therefore he infers that there is some possibilities for life extension experts to become successful by 2019. In his article, he also mentioned about some of the most promising approaches in life extension science such as chemical life extension, chemical substance like resveratrol and rapamycin used to extend life expectancy, therapeutic cloning and stem cells, creation of new stem cells that have ability to turn into any type of cell in the human body, nanotechnology, creation of molecular robots that will carry new chromosomes into human cells replacing the old existing chromosomes with new copies, caloric restriction, which involves severely reduced diet but still taking the right amount of vitamins and minerals required by our body, and cryonics or cryogenics, the process of preserving human’s dead body after death for future use. He also mentioned that although all the above mentioned approaches has somewhat succeeded during laboratory experiment, there are still some obstacles that stops scientists to fully proof that human life span can be increased. He concluded by saying that there are many opponents of life extension especially from religious or philosophical perspectives.

To be candid, I am one of the opponents of life extension. I really appreciate scientist’s hard work and their new discoveries. In fact, it’s really amazing and astonishing to know about their output. However, I personally think that it’s not good to extend human’s life span. It subside the value of life. People will start to lose fear for death and their faith in religion will be eroded. I am not being pessimist. Of course, we would love to live as long as possible. After all, this is the only life we get to experience. However, don’t be short sighted, think about long term; think about the consequences and results. Billions and billions of money are spent in research or experiment. Moreover, it will result into densely populated world. Rich people will have longer life compare to the poor people as the poor people cannot afford to buy the anti-aging pills. Then the problems regarding environment pollution, poverty, and religion will evoke rapidly. I believe that everything up to limit is good. Nature looks beautiful as it is. Therefore human’s life will be valuable and precious if we keep it as it is at present. Let’s not make everything artificial.


2 Responses to Response to “In pursuit of Immortality: The science behind life extension”

  1. tdenkar says:

    I am glad that you came up with an interesting issue regarding Immortality. Like you, I am also against life extension theory. From my perspective, I don’t think that such an antidote called “anti- aging pills” will come into existence. Well, I don’t mean to undermine the effort of those ingenious scientists; however, the search for this kind of remedy isn’t a new thing. The search for eternity has been initiated since the beginning of the human civilization on this earth, and still they were not able to come up with a definite outcome. Immortality can result into infinite problems like you pointed out. So let’s not think about attaining immorality, instead enjoy the present. Don’t dwell in the past, don’t hallucinate of the future, savor your present moment. 

  2. iratahmid says:

    I feel happy that you come up with a good point related to immortality. You also support my thoughts about immortality. Everything should have its own limitation. It is good to search for knowing the unknowns but too much is not good. God created everything with in a balance and human should not break that limitations.I appreciate your arguments. I think overall it is a good post and I like your post.

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