“Live as if you were to live forever…”

Immortality is still highly controversial. Someone who is against immortality say that it is different from God’s opinion because he created birth and death. Others think that longevity diminishes values of lives because people will not endeavor as much as they can; they will not appreciate their lives, beloved ones, and happiness. Some who are in the side of immortality say that they will witness new technology and their children’s and grandchildren’s success. Others cite that they will never face the most serious dread in the world, the dread of dying. I will not support one idea and prejudice the other. I only wonder whether people will remain their youth and happiness all their long-lasting lives. They will not get older; they will not experience hurt of death, but cannot their brains and thoughts get older, cannot they hurt when experiencing feelings of losing their beloved ones? Only twenty or thirty years from now, their friends will be their children and grandchildren rather than those who are in their same generation. Will they be interested in them? Will they be excited about their games, music, fashion, food, and culture? Will they still realize their usefulness? Will not they feel as if they are strangers or even “leftovers” in the world? It is not the time to think how to live forever or how to expand span life. It is high time for us to find the best tactic to live well and valuably. Mahatma Gandhi used to say, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Do not hesitate to realize our dreams, to express our love to beloved ones, or to apologize to those whom we have felt guilty toward. Let us live well as much as we can, do as much as we could, and love as much as we do so that if we die tomorrow, we will not feel bitterly remorse, or if we have chance to live forever, we find out that it is worthy living in the world.

2 Responses to “Live as if you were to live forever…”

  1. dorjiom says:

    As a saying goes “A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough” we should enjoy every moment of our life. Remember our life is too short to be wasted. I strongly agree with your last sentence and I highly recommend you to remember it. I guess most people prefer to have a natural life span which was gifted by our god. Rather than artificially extended life. This is because we all have a heart which is filled with love and emotions for our beloved ones. I think we don’t have enough strength to see all our beloved ones dying with change in time. Nobody will wish to live a long live unless their beloved ones are there with them too. It’s because it’s not the years in your life that count;It’s the life in your years. It’s good to know that after reading the article, you have decided to live a happy life.

  2. tausifa says:

    I am completely agree with you, Tram. I think man will lose all interests towards life if they could live forever. It will not be more interesting living when your dearest one will die. However, we can try to lead our life in a way that we can feel a taste of immortality. We can make the proper use of our limited life span so that this limited life will be more interesting than living forever. By the way, I want to be immortal though I believe it is not possible. I want to enjoy the changes of the world according to time. I also appreciate scientists for their effort to discover the secret of immortality. We can save our dearest ones by applying their method although it is for a short time.

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