Young or old???

              In the poem “The Fury of Overshoes,” Anne Sexton looked back and reminisced about her hope being an adult in her childhood. Reading the poem, I was surprised because of her dream. Most people, especially adults want to be young and mortal; as a result many kings, queens, and affluent people made use of a great deal of money looking for mortality. However, not only the author but many kids also want to reach closer to age, ugliness, sickness, and even death. I used to wish to be an adult who could have her own automony to buy anything she wants and likes, but today, I alter my opinion and hope to be always a kid who does not have to worry about what to do and how to do. Like the little prince, a kid rarely ganishes her speech before producing it; a kid rarely knows how to flatter others; a kid is rarely concerned about numbers; a kid usually believes in honest and long-lasting friendships. On the other hand, an adult easily gives up when he encounters obstacles on his ways reaching to his interests. Before doing something, he frets too much about consequences, other people’s opinions, or failure, so he does not have enough confidence to realize his dreams. Even, he cannot enjoy pleasure in his life. For example, although he knows how to drive a motorbike instead of having difficulties riding a tricycle, he cannot savor freshness of air and whistling of breeze, which “belong” to the person who sits behind the driver. He knows how to swim, but he cannot understand feelings of a drowning person, so he also cannot understand values of life. Even though he knows how to manicure his nail and keep it clean, he cannot enjoy sweetness of thumbs which reminds him of his mother’s milk. Being an adult, one can “cut your own meat,” “tie your own shoe,” or take “giant steps,” but he cannot find pleasure in simple and small things, so let’s appreciate every second of our childhood as long as possible in order not to feel bitterly remorse a year from now. (Tram)

One Response to Young or old???

  1. ztandee says:

    Hey Tram,
    Nodody wants to grow old huh! I too do not want to grow old and worry about anything, but somehow we got to face it, right? We will become old and have to take on responsibility that we so dread to do right now. I know being young right now can be the most amazing moment of our life, our parents says it too, however we must age. Or else it will be an incomplete life cycle. You see Tram, to have a perfect life, we must go through every stage. We ought to face it no matter how tough and depressing it is. There is a plus point if you grow old, you will get to reminisce and show off your youth talents to your children and grandchildren. I know may not be the perfect feeling you want, but it can be something. So yes, like you said, enjoy and appreciate every second of our childhood. Also, prepare to get old , it is going to one hell of a ride.

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