What Is Heritage?

What Is Heritage?

Heritage is all of things that you inherit or learn from your family.

Heritage is when you look at yourself in the mirror, and you see your mother’s face. Then when you wonder why your wrinkles start to exist besides your eyes as your mother’s have done. You don’t want to accept the smell of baking bread or large white breast that weigh down your body, but you futilely get them out of your life.

Heritage is when you excitingly realize the color of your eyes is similar to those of your father. Or when you first go to your family’s field, he teaches you what are locusts and their plague – and you little by little you begin to love farming, like him.

Heritage is when your uncle whittles wood that you regard its rattle like bones; you remember it is white and smells like all of your old houses – they are no longer there. Whenever he sings old chants to you, you enjoy and try not to forget them because your father is told not to do it.

Heritage is when you feel scared the silence because your grandfather never speak, which you consider as a symbol of power. But you always pay attention to his praying by killing a snake whenever he begs for rain.

Heritage is when you are shy because you cannot remove the stain that your grandmother – her blue eyes and brown skin are different from yours – spilled on your white shirt after she used snuff (the whiteness of your skin and the brownness of the stain). Also, you are advised tobacco be good for purging the poison from your body. She used to chew up and split the liquid – the sweet black one that likes food – into your father’s mouth when he was an infant. You discover it is the brown earth of Oklahoma that is stained with oil.

Heritage is when you prefer medicine (to stone and knives) is a sharp weapon to fight with your enemy – because your grandmother said that.

Heritage is when you couldn’t forget the benefit of flesh of dear for being swift and able to travel many miles (Maybe you don’t know the reason, or you cannot prove it, but because your beloved “person” believes it, and you tend to follow it). You also learn from her that your tribe always followed a stick to point west or east.

Heritage is when you find out the secret of your family of never having a home.

Heritage is when you easily find out not only your blood is biologically received but also your habits and behaviors or their habits are “heritagized.”

Thu Nguyen

One Response to What Is Heritage?

  1. tausifa says:

    Your defination essay about “What Is Heritage?” is very interesting. Yes, I also see my father’s face when I stand before the mirror. I remember my mother when I do my hair. I ask for help to Allah when I face any trouble as my father taught me my religious beliefs. I don’t know what’s wrong if I cut my nails at night, but i never cut my nails at night as my grandmother forbade me. I never become tensed for anything as I never saw my father to be tensed. Thus every moment I can feel the gifts that I’ve inherited from my family.

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