the fury of overshoes

When I read the poem “The Fury of Overshoes” by Anne Sexton, I felt that I wasn’t different from the speaker’s childhood. I think, in childhood everyone wants to be versatile like adults as he can’t manage everything himself. Actually, I was surprised after reading about the “wolf” under the bed, because in my childhood I was also scared of ghost, thieves and so on. Especially, at night I used to think that there were something under the bed and I couldn’t sit on the reading table. I thought that if I went there, a ghost, black shadow or man would come. In the evening I always asked my mom to give me books, drinks and so on. Without my mom I never got down from the bed. Sometime I wanted to be sure that there was anything or not under the bed, but I hadn’t had the dear to check under the bed. I hardly went to the toilet at night as from someone I heard that ghost stayed there. To be candid, in my childhood I was fond of ghost stories and my father was a great storyteller. Not only I but also other kids used to come to my father to hear stories. Once my father told such a frightening story that I couldn’t sleep 2 week. Then my mother took me to a pious person who gave me ‘tabij” to remove frighten. Another day I saw thief and cried for help. My mother came and found that there was nothing. One day I watched horror movie with my cousin and when I went to bed, I was watching ghosts’ images in the dark. Then I used to keep on light whole night and sleep. My parents were upset about me. That I thought, when I would be adult, I would check under the bed and bathroom and fight with the evil things. When I grew up, I started to think logically that in the world, there is nothing like ghost. I am much stronger than the childhood to underestimate the “ghost” gossip, and I think why people are frightened of those thinks. How smart I am!! (shssss… I’m telling only you that till now I’m afraid of ghosts, black shadows, thieves, black magic, wizard and…….) do you want to listen more?


One Response to the fury of overshoes

  1. I agree with what you wrote. It is true that what we hear from scary stories reoccurs as scary dreams or scary illusions; these things remain in our mind for long period and often leads to illness. Though we know these things, we can’t help ourselves. Maybe it is our own fault that we can’t ride out of these things though it is clear that these things are not possible to occur in real life, or it is our parents’ fault that they keep on retelling these types of stories. The most interesting thing is that in spite of these drawbacks of scary stories, we are excited to hear them.

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