Respose to “On Aging”

The first person that stroke on my mind, while reading this poem was my grandmother. Similar to the poet, my grandmother used to tell us that everyone grows older. We shouldn’t pity them. Rather, we should be caring and understanding towards them. The image of the poet which I got through this poem was independent, high spirited, optimistic and sassy. My grandmother is really tuff to be dealt. And it’s very difficult to please her. I think aged people are more difficult to handle than children. It’s difficult to persuade them easily. If we do care, they think we pity them; if we don’t, they feel being ignored. So we should be placid while dealing with elderly people and should be decent.
In some country we can find the policy that after reaching 16 or 18 years, children leave their parents and home in order to be independent. We also often see that senior citizens are left all alone in old age homes by their children. Though in some parts of the world people take care of their old parents, still there are other parts where old parents are being subjugated, controlled, and hated by their own children. With aging, various mental and physical retards occur. It is must to be taken into consideration that we all should face aging and old age. So, the old people are not the matter of hatred or laxity. They are the one who have more experiences and need more support and care. Before treating the old people badly, we should think twice that we too are going to get old and our children might desert us as well.
The way the poet had put forward the essence of old age and had tried to convey the message of old people to the readers, is really fascinating. It not only makes her young readers consider how they should treat elderly people but also gives aged ones brainwave to live life happily. It inspires the old people not to be completely reliant on their young ones if they can do it themselves. Age is nothing just a number. Being old doesn’t mean that elderly people don’t have feelings. They want someone to understand them and care for them rather than to pity them. Despite being physically weak, they are strong enough to guide their young ones. Though it’s simple and small matter to hear, it plays a vital role in making our relationship with them strong. So, we should respect and love our elderly people.


One Response to Respose to “On Aging”

  1. dorjiom says:

    mmm..Jyoti you must be having tough time wit your grandma at your home right? however, you must be missing her now. Thats called family. Your response reminded me of the article “What is a Family?” written by
    Helen Bottel where she said “Family is when everybody laughs, cries and loves each other. Once in a while
    they’re hard to live with, but you couldn’t live without them.” I really like this definition. Yes Jyoti, i agree with you. We should treat elder people with respect and care. We mustn’t let them to feel that they are useless and can’t be independent anymore because although their age is old,their heart is always young. So lets not feel pity on our grandparents or other old people. Rather we should make them happy.

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