Response to ” The Fury of Overshoes”

When I was a child of five or six, I was very annoyed with my elders. As I was little I couldn’t do many things by myself and had to take help from my elders. I couldn’t wear dress, do my hair, and tie my shoes etc by myself. I thought that I took help from my elder, that’s why they always wanted to dominate me. At that time I always wanted to be grownup.

When I read the poem “The Fury of Overshoes” written by Anne Sexton, I reminisced about my childhood. In every verse of the poem, I found many similarities between her childhood and mine. I felt like that she had written about my feelings in her poem. Like her I also thought that the world was only for grownup because they always used to dominate other (especially children), not to ask anyone when they took decisions. They also could go anywhere whenever they wish and enjoy themselves. When my mother used to force me to study in my childhood, I asked her why she didn’t study. Then when she replied me that grownup didn’t need study, I wished that if I were a grownup!

Like Anne, in my childhood I was also afraid at night that there would be something under my bed or beside my window. I remember, one night I was reading story book as I was not sleepy. Suddenly my mother entered in the room and rebuked me because I was reading story book instead of sleeping. Then she turned off the light and ordered me to sleep. After she went out of the room, I saw a horrible figure through my window. I saw a witch wearing a long white dress was standing and nodding her head. I screamed seeing this. My parents rushed to my room hearing my screaming. When they turned on the light I discovered that it was just a banana tree, not a witch.

Now I am a grownup, but I feel that I was in a better condition when I was a child. As a grownup I have to be together with other grownups. I feel suffocation when I realize the complexity of their mind, their jealousy and greed for wealth and fame. I wish I could return to my childhood which was a world of innocence and joy. What about you?


One Response to Response to ” The Fury of Overshoes”

  1. roksanahasib says:

    The way we have told your story of childhood it reminds me my own childhood. I think , far or less this the story of every person when they were children. I also have some same kind stories like you have had when you were a child. I too used to wonder why big people don’t play like kids and why they are always so serious about every thing. Like you i used to feel very irritating whenever my parent coerced me to study. However, on one thing i was different from you, and it is that in spite of all this things i never wished to grow older. I always used to thought that childhood is the best time of a person’s life. Moreover, i was very afraid of the fact that when i will grow older i will also become serious and joyless like adults. Some how my thoughts have changed now. I think every age has its own beauty. Still on one thing i certainly agree with you is that nothing of the world could be comparable with the innocence and enjoyment of childhood.

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