Respond to “The Fury of Overshoes”

“The Fury of Overshoes” is a nice poem by Anna Sexton. In this poem the poet has portrayed a little girl who always wishes to be an adult as she thinks adults have more freedom; on the other hand, a child like her has to depend on others. Like the poet, I also wished to be an adult in my childhood. In this poem I can see the shadow of my own childhood in every verse of this poem.

I wished to be an adult when our sport teacher used to punish me by detaining me under the hot sun after sport class. You know the weather of our country is hot, so sometimes I used to go to school wearing casual sandals instead of white school shoes. The sadistic teacher never understood me, so I always blamed him for being such “stupid.”

I wished to be an adult when every morning my elder sisters used to pull my legs and wake up me, as I was in a morning school. I felt jealous for my elder sisters, because they were in the afternoon school, and they could sleep a little bit longer than me.

I wished to be an adult when I felt feverish as I spent too much time in the pond water. I was surprised to see my sisters, because they used to spend more time in the water than me, but they seldom felt feverish.

I wished to be an adult when I wanted to savor sweets and ice-creams but my mother didn’t let me eat as I always suffered from toothache. I thought if I would be an adult, I would not suffer from toothache anymore and I could eat more and more sweets.

I wished to be an adult when every afternoon a teacher came to teach me in our house, but I wanted to play with my friends.

I wished to be an adult when I saw my elder sisters taking make-up before going to any occasion. They didn’t give me any make-up. When I started to cry for coloring my lips with my sisters’ lip-stick, they used to scold me saying that children are naturally beautiful, so they don’t need to put any lip-stick.

I wished to be an adult when cars were passing by on the road, and I was waiting and waiting to cross the road. I saw adults were crossing the road easily, but I couldn’t.

 I wished to be an adult when I need to use the toilet at midnight, but I was afraid of ghost. I woke up my sister to accompany me, but she used to scold me for not to use toilet before sleeping.

Now I am matured enough to come up all those difficulties, but I miss my sweet childhood and want to return to those days.


4 Responses to Respond to “The Fury of Overshoes”

  1. thu nguyen says:

    Dear Tausifa,
    First, I really like the way you use a definition essay to write your response. When I read yours, I admired your creation. Then, I think that your wish to become an adult is very nice. Your reasons remind me of my childhood as I want to do something by myself. I also wanted to cross the road, to make up, and to use the toilet at midnight, like you. Moreover, I reminisce the time when I wanted to take care of my grandmother’s flower garden, my aunt didn’t allow me to do because she thought I would destroy everything. I jealously saw my older cousins doing the work I like and wish to become an adult to have my own garden at that time. I will never forget that time because it is a beautiful memory in my life.

  2. meihuilan says:

    Beautiful parallel structure! You are a really creative writer!
    I also remembered something about my childhood when I read the poem. Just like you, all the memories that I wanted to be an adult emerged from my mind. When I was a child, I always asked adults for a favor, and I hated to do that because sometimes they didn’t have time to help me, or they scolded me when they didn’t have a good mood. I was afraid to be alone at that time, and I was scared about ghosts as well. Since I was the only one child went to school in my village at that time, in order to show I was as brave as an adult, I went to school alone without my parents’ companies every morning. Indeed, I was extremely afraid when I passed by a cemetery on the way to school. I was eager to be an adult so that I don’t need to be afraid anything or ask for help. Now, all these things become my sweet memories. Although I can’t go back, I’m glad I have had the special moment and the special feelings in my life, which stimulate me to cherish everyday in the rest of my life.

  3. papunauw says:

    Dear Tausifa,
    Your response is very impressive and interesting because of your good use of parellal structure and your memories. Reading this poem I also recalled my sweet memories of childhood days, but i did not wish to be adults like you. My sweet memories cheer my heart and make me forget sorrow. So I often look back to my childhood days and try to gather joy from their happy recollection. My grandmother was very dear to me because she told me nice nursery rhymes and fairy tales. My recollection is of small park near my school where the children of the locality were taken out every afternoon. I became intimate with some I met there and that intimacy continues still. It was there I first saw a bear and monkey. I could not forget the very first day at school. When I entered compound with father, school had not begun yet; so the children were enjoying themselves here and there. my mind was troubled with fear that I might not be quite free and easy in their midst. My heart began to beat first when I was taken to the teacher but his smiling face and gentle words put me at my ease.

  4. Hii Tajjali:
    You are a very good writer. I appreciate your writing. You write a definition essay by using parallel structure. while I am reading your blog, I am also remembering about my childhood. When I was child, I always disturbed my elder sister. When she was sitting for study, I used to keep my younger sister in her books and copies which she was studying, and said “Now you should study this girl.” She annoys a lot, and complained to my parents. When my father scolded me, then I wish to be elder person. When I saw any person in a difficulty then I wish to adult and help them economically. Now, I want to be a child because childhood is happiest period of life. This life is free of all type of trouble and struggle.

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