On Aging

Maya Angelou illuminates the problems of old people in the poem “On Aging.” She also says that old people don’t need pity and sympathy of young people. Old people are also human being, but they are not as stronger as adults. So, they only need help and respect. Through this poem, I can imagine the problems of old people. In old age, people become helpless and physically disabled. Their bodies don’t able to work properly, and their bones and organs of body ache terribly. Every moment they want to die; they suffer a lot by various diseases. They need help, but no one comes to help them because adults and children scared by seeing their wrinkled face and bended back bone. Adults and children afraid with their appearance, and don’t want to go and help them. Sometimes they make fun to them. Adults never care about the feelings of old people. They don’t show kindness to them.

Why don’t people understand the problems of old people? Everyone knows that one day they will also reach that phase, so it’s not good to misbehave with any old person. It’s like they are ill treated by themselves because their children learn from them. I have seen many cases related to this situation at our village in India. When they are adults, they give much happiness to their children. If they are poor, they can’t fulfill their requirements, but try to give everything to their children without using it themselves. What happened after 30 years when children become adults and adults become old people? Now, it’s the children’s turn to take care of their parents, but they completely forget about their duty. When a man got married — then he doesn’t think about his parents. He only thinks about his children and wife. He forgets that his parents poured all their happiness and struggle on him. The parents of that family feel discriminated by the family. They feel worse when their son doesn’t provide money for their daily needs. Sometimes they don’t give enough food for eat, and don’t allow to them to use their family things. Their children don’t care about their older parents. Some adults are so rude that they send their parent to an orphanage for old people. Consequently, their life is not like life, but like hell. Old people don’t want to live any more. We can feel that pain and just take some action to remove this. We can make understand to those who adults who misbehave and don’t care for their parents.

Savitri Kumari

One Response to On Aging

  1. shinyday14 says:

    My dear friend Savitri,
    Yes, you are right – unfortunately! These days, in this “developing” world, as everything is changing, human body is changing too. Nowadays, youngsters don’t bother themselves taking care of their old parents. Some of them dare themselves to treat their old parents the way they are not deserved to. They ignore the time that they had been weak and feeble and it was their parents who fed them, rescued them and loved them. But, the world will change again, they will get old too. Then you can see they are the most likely people who will be secluded and left alone. They probably can experience the same destiny.
    I remember a cartoon that I had seen many years ago. Then, I couldn’t understand its meaning, but I cried seeing that. It was about the ritual of the villagers in a country. The young children used to take their old, weak and helpless parents to a high mountain and leave them alone to die there. One of them was a man who carried his old mother and took her to the mountain. While leaving her, the old woman looked around and saw the skeletons of many other old people that who had died there. She saw them and laughed. When the young son asked for the reason of her smile, she said, “I am laughing because I remembered several years ago when I left my parents here”.
    That’s it friend; but I don’t know how far this cycle can go ahead. I just wish it an early end!

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