On Aging

          I feel Maya Angelou has a totally different attitude and interest towards aging as she has described On Aging. She says she does not need others’ chattering when she is sitting quietly and lonely. However, most of our grandparents want not to be alone and quit. They always expect someone, either their children or grandchildren to be talking to them and taking care of them. Most old people hate being alone in the last few days of their life. Therefore, it’s natural that they seek someone to share their thoughts, and they often reminisce their young days with their grandchildren. Most of the time they are worried that they are getting older with time.

          Angelou asks others not to bring her rocking chair when she becomes week and unable to climb the steps. In contrast to this, we can see most of the old people do not like to climb steps or do any sort of hard work when they are aged. They expect someone else’s support to do their own work. Their preference towards dependency than independency increases with aging.

          Angelou claims not to equate tired with laze. When others see her walking stumbling, she says that not her every last moment of life is gone. However, this is not what most old people think. They always equate laze with tired in order to find an excuse for not doing their work by themselves. Though, the old are in their sixties, they pretend as they are in their nineties. Old people never think that they are still the same young people with a little diminished nature: color of the hair, nature of the skin, strength of the bones, ability to do hard work, capacity of their lungs, fitness in their mentality, etc. In contrast, most of the old think that they have totally lost everything and hence, nothing remaining with them now, and are worried about that.

          However, I would like mention some words about my great grandmother. She has three children and none of them are living with her right now. She and my grandfather lived together; she alone took care of my grandfather until his death. Even after his death, she is still living by herself in the same house as she was before: doing the entire house hold chores having no servant at home. When we ask her to come with us, she never does. When we say that she is an exceptional old women, she retorts by telling being lonely is troubles and peaceful for her. Moreover, she also says so many things similar to Angelou. I suppose, my grandmother is another example to Angelou’s poem.

One Response to On Aging

  1. nusrat4 says:

    I appreciate with you on the point that most of our grandparents don’t want to live alone.I think in the western countries old people don’t want others sympathy, but people of asian countries love others companion when they grow old. I think in the poem, the poet’s voice was on behalf of the western countries’ old people who love to live alone. However, nowadays a few people in the asian countries also agree to lead a solitary life when they grow old. When i read about your grandmother in the blog, i really became surprised to learn that she still does all household chores alone. I am a bit curious to know what your grandmother’s age is.

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