On Aging

Isa is a little girl and lives in a join family. She is very close to her grandfather. Her parents are very busy with their works. They don’t have time to take care of their children. She loves and misses her parents too much, but she never be upset because she has an old friend (her grandfather). She plays and spends her times with him. One day Isa return from school and don’t find her grandfather at home. After that she has come to know that her parents send her grandfather to old home. Her parents are unknown about the love between the grandchild and grandfather. Now she became alone and doesn’t talk to anyone. A few days later she got fever and became sick. Although doctors tried their best, but their medicine doesn’t work. Her parents become worried. Then doctor advised her parents to get back her grandfather. Doctor’s advice works faster than medicine and Isa recovers.

This anecdote is a common event in most families. Children want love and care. Sometimes parents become so busy with their work that they don’t try to understand their children, but grandparents do. Although they are old people, they can read their grandchild’s mind. Furthermore, they can solve the misunderstanding between children and parents. When people become old it does not mean they are useless for the family. Actually they are the asset for our family as well as our society, because they are experienced. They had passed their life by observing the truth of living. Moreover, their valuable advice can help us to solve several problems. In western countries, it becomes a culture that people often send their parents to old homes when they crossed sixty. They equivocate old with child. Sometimes they forget that age changes, but relations don’t change. When they were child they (old parents) cared them, when they were hungry they fed them, when they were afraid they hold their hand and when they cried they sang lullaby.

Maya Angelou, one of the esteemed voices of literature. According to her poem “On Aging”, she wants to tell everyone that old is not useless. It is true that age losses their ability to work, but they are not burden; they want care not sympathy. Though they are old still they are our near ones, so Instead of sending those to old homes take care of them.

About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

2 Responses to On Aging

  1. tasnia says:

    tahmid, your thoughts touched my mind. I also agree with you that one should not deny old parents or old person. When i read the poem i also felt that old people never want sympathy from us, the only thing they want is love and care.

  2. mumthaz says:

    It is an intersting method to start an essay with an anecdote as you did. The following paragraph also was intersting. However, you could have told some more importance of the old people in the society and some of their experiences, so that it would be more clear to the readers.

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