Myths and Beliefs

Every countries and religious has some beliefs and myths of their own. These myths and beliefs are not necessarily be true, but still these are so popular that people belief them without any question. When I read the story of Persephone by Laura Strong I also remembered about some of the beliefs we have in our religion. Those are mainly anecdote of our prophets which inspire us to do good things in our life. My mother used to tell them to me when I was a child. While reading the Greek mythology of Persephone, one of the anecdotes of our prophet popped in my mind. This anecdote is related to the creation of human and the beginning of evil. In our religion we belief Allah first created angels to worship him. Then he created human. After he created the first human Hazrat Adam (pbuh), he ordered all the other angels to bow in front of the human. All the angels did the same as Allah said. However, the chief of the angels Iblish disobeyed the order of Allah. He said that he is made of ray n fire, so why should he bow to clay made human. By doing that he developed the feelings of jealousy, greed, and disobediences which raised the evil inside him. Therefore, Allah banished him from heaven. However, before he left, he called for an open war against Allah that he would always try to distract human from the path of Islam until the end of the world. As a start, he began with Hazrat Adam (pbuh) for he was the reason of his banishment. When Hazrat Adam (pbuh) and his wife were enjoying the pleasure of heaven, Iblish secretly influenced them to eat fruit from the forbidden tree.  Thus, Allah became dissatisfied with them. However, when they asked for forgiveness, Allah gave them a chance to repent. They had been sent to the world so they can face the reality of life and earn their livelihood through hardship. Therefore, through this the starting of humankind began. Also that was the beginning of evil which Iblish had promised to raise in every human’s mind and heart. As the evil always tries to manipulate our mind and heart, we belief that best winner is that who can defeat the evil inside him.

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