My Response to “On Aging”

              In the poem, “On Aging” , by Maya Angelou, the writer presents the feelings and thoughts of an old person. The poet seems to be indignant about  the behavior of the young people towards the old ones. After I read the poem , I find it awe-inspiring and provoking. Presenting in an old person’s point of view, the poet evokes us to think twice whenever we come across  old people and feel pity on them. The poem  appeals us to respect our old generation and not to have mercy or pity on  them only because they are “old”.

               I agree with the poet that we should not think our old guardians, “like a sack left on the shelf”  as the young ones considers them to be. We should not undermine their morale showing sympathy and sorrow towards them. Old people have their own way of living. If they remain deserted and quiet then it does not mean that they seek your company and sympathy. May be they are reminiscing their past and finding pleasure in their beautiful memories.

                Moreover, young people think that old age is filled with pain and sufferings. They think that old people  lack enthusiasm and spirit. Their life is dormant  and passive. However, it is not always true. Although, with growing age their immunity declines, but their wills and desires do not.  Old people may equally feel like enjoying their livelihood with great joy and passion as the adults do. In this context, I strongly agree with the poet because I too have encountered  some adults who  have been living their life with full pleasureand liberty. Among which, one is my friend’s grandfather. He is a 70 years old man an d is as as active as any other youths. He is very efficient and prompt in his work. He is an enterprenuer as  he owns an industry which manufactures bricks. By looking at him, we cannot figure out that his life could possibly be a dormant one .Suprisingly, he recently had a second marriage. He is the breadwinner of his family and his life is still as active as it was when he was  young. Therefore, being old does not mean that all the zeal and enthusiasm fades away with age. It is just a phase of life and everyone has to face it, once in a  lifetime.


One Response to My Response to “On Aging”

  1. Dear Priyanka,
    Your response is quite interesting and informative. I really enjoyed reading your views about old people. I totally agree with you that we should not undermine the morale of old people by showing them sympathy. They are our guide and we must admire, love and care them. They have their own way of living and we should try to respect their way. Being old does not necessarily mean that they have no more enthusiasm and zeal of doing things. They are the same person, only their capacity of doing things declines. I appreciate your friend’s grandfather that he is still able to run his business and support his family. He must have high spirit and courage to face challenges.

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