My response to “On Aging”

“On Aging” by Maya Angelou is a very interesting poem, which contains the true feelings of a sassy, old woman. We all know that aging is a natural process and we have to accept it. When people grow old, they become very anxious about their lives when they began to think about death. Therefore, some of the old people are isolated; whereas, the others are very satisfied to be with their loved ones.
In the poem, we see the old woman gets quite annoyed when people show sympathy towards her. She wants to live independently without the help of others who think that she is lonely. She says that she does not need anyone’s help while walking up the stairway. She doesn’t like it when people think she is lazy when she has no stamina. She tells how it bothers her when people keep on repeating saying “goodbye” to her. It makes her think that people are disappointed thinking that she may die very soon. In addition, she says that she is always the same as she was before. It’s only her physical appearance and health that is degrading. She still has the same thoughts and same behavior, so she just wants people to behave as they used to do before.
While reading the poem, the picture of my grandmother roamed around in my mind. She was in her seventies when she used to spend most of her time watching movies alone on her favorite TV channel. She used to talk less and engage herself in different types of work. She would do her laundry by herself and would clean her room by herself. She loved to laugh and chat with us. In addition, she never used to talk about her old age. It seemed that she was happy with her age. She liked to go shopping to see if there was a new saree in the market. She had more sarees than my mother. Furthermore, she was also interested in trying out new hair styles and hair pins.
Therefore, through these images we clearly figure out some differences and similarities between my grandmother and the woman in the poem. The difference that we can see is on the basis of their behaviors. On the other hand, the similarity between them is that both of them feel the same way that they used to feel in their youth. In conclusion, comparing these two old ladies, we see that the people’s desire do not change according to their ages.

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One Response to My response to “On Aging”

  1. fmoriam says:

    I am amused to know the way your grandmother used to spend her time in her oldage. In this period, people normally needs others attention though some of them don’t like to show it. One of my aunt, who has not reached to her oldage yet, is saving money for her future so that she doesn’t have to depend on her sons. But really, it hurts them a lot when their near and dear one’s, for whom they dedicated their whole life, don’t pay attention to them. this dissappointment leads them to such anger of doing everything by themselves. I have watched some interviews of senior citizens who live in oldage homes. Some of them are happy there because they are not a burden to their family, but if you look into their eyes, you wll understand exactly how they are feeling to be their.Oldage is a very difficult time for everyone I guess, but your grandmother was handling it very nicely!

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