My Response on “On Aging”

“On Aging” is a poem written by Maya Angelou in which she defines her feelings of not wanting others to feel sorry for her being old. She further says although she has become old, she is the same person with less capacity to do things. She suggests the reader not to express sympathy towards her , but to understand her feelings. People don’t become old because they want to, but time leads them to old age and it is inevitable.

           While reading through the poem, the first person who came to my mind is my grandfather. He is ninety-four years old now.  The poet’s view and my grandfather’s view towards old age are quite similar. He also thinks that people do not become old because they wish. It is certain and we will know how it feels, when we become old. He also does not want others to feel sympathy on him and do his work. Although he is too old now, he stills prefers to do his personal things by himself. I know it is implausible, but he washes his own clothes by himself. When my mother asks him not to do so, he strongly disagrees and retorts that he will do his own work until he is capable. He goes to morning walk and practice yoga daily. No one believes that he is ninety-four years old.

In contrast to the poet, he wants others to come and talk with him. He never stays alone. He goes to old age house nearby and talks to other old people. Not because he wants them to feel sympathy on him, but to talk about the things which he had done in the past. He shares his stories about his life with me and my brother which I find really fascinating and interesting. When he becomes sick, he wants us to take care of him. He becomes happy, when I cook his favorite food for him and gives me complement too. When we love him and understand his feelings, he is happy but if we try to pity or feel bad for him he argues with us. Sometimes it is really hard for us to make him satisfied and happy. On the other hand, whatever he has taught is really important and unforgettable for me. Therefore, we should not pity on old people but respect and love them.

Digya Shrestha

One Response to My Response on “On Aging”

  1. I found your writing really interesting. Your grand father is really strong and truly it is difficult to believe that he is 94 years old as you have said. I guess handling elderly people are more difficult than handling children. But the truth is that without old people in the family, family is not complete. We all need blessings of elderly people. Looking from one point of view, some times they are really irritating and gossip personal house hold matters. On the other hand, when they are apart we miss them alot. I reminiscence about my fight with my grand mother. When I was child, I used to quarrel with my grand mom so much, when she scolded me. After that I didn’t talk to her for one week. But when she went to my uncle’s house for couple of days I started missing her. Finally I apologize to her. Now she is 87 years old and very weak. Every time I talk with my family I miss her so much and just wish to sleep on her lap.
    As the poet said and your grand father too, we should respect our elderly people. They fill our life with lots of colors of their love and blessings. They are the one to be cared and cherised forever.

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