Musa (AS) and the Cruel King Pharaoh

            Myths and beliefs differ from religion to religion, society to society and country to country. So, when I read the myth of Persephone by Clare b. Dunkle, I remembered that my religion Islam also has such types of story for example, Stories of Musa (AS).

            Musa (AS), son of Bani Israel, is one of our prophets. He was born in Egypt. That time Egypt was ruled by a cruel king named Pharaoh. One day one of his astrologer predicted that his kingdom would be destroyed and he would be killed by one Bani Israel’s sons. When the cruel king heard that, he became afraid and ordered his army to kill the entire male baby whoever born in Bani Israel’s family. When Musa (AS) was born, an invisible voice told Musa’s mother that he will become one of the prophets of Allah. So, he needed to be protected. Musa’s mother had heard the order of Pharaoh, so she asked the invisible voice, “How can I protect him?” The divine voice suggested her that she put Musa (AS) in a waterproof box and throw it in river Nile. She did so and sent her daughter to see where the box reached. Musa’s sister had seen that the box stopped in front of the Pharaoh’s palace and a man of that palace found it while fishing and took it in the palace. The Pharaoh couple didn’t have any child, so Pharaoh’s wife, Aasiya asked him to adopt the child and Pharaoh agreed with her. He ordered his men to bring some women to breast feed the infant, but the baby refused to drink milk from other women who came to feed him. When it was his mother’s turn, he started sucking his mother’s breast. So, Musa and his mother were reunited again in Pharaoh’s palace.

When he grew adult, he went to Median and married a woman there. At the time of his returning back to Egypt, he was declared by an invisible voice that he had become a prophet and was given some power such as his stick could turn into snake. He was also ordered to invite Egyptians towards Allah. So, when he returned to Pharaoh’s palace, he told that he was a messenger of Allah and Pharaoh should join to his religion. Pharaoh rejected his proposal and killed people who joined with him. As a result, Musa (AS) and his people had started leaving Egypt, but Pharaoh and his army followed them. When Musa (AS) and his people reached near river Nile, he struck his stick in the river and the river was divided and a road was created in the middle of the river. So, they crossed the road safely. When Pharaoh and his people reached in the middle of that road, Musa struck the stick again in the river. The road was vanished and as a consequence, Pharaoh and his people sank in the river. Thus, cruel Pharaoh and his kingdom were destroyed.

One Response to Musa (AS) and the Cruel King Pharaoh

  1. kalpana23 says:

    Nusrat, thank you very much indeed for posting about the myth of the Prophet, Musa. It’s a very interesting story. I enjoyed reading it. Mostly, I savored the moment when the child recognized the mother’s milk, but then I thought, “Is it really possible?” Moreover, I was a bit perplexed if Bani Isreal was the Allah or Musa himself was Allah. I think you should have made clear about Allah. Besides, I did not get the reason why Pharaoh was not conviced to follow Allah. Was he a demon or an atheist? Furthermore, he brought up Musa as his own child, and every parent becomes happy when his son gets the privilege of god, but why he did not follow Allah? Instead, he killed the people who followed Allah and Musa.

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