I wished not to be an adult

The fury of the overshoes

The poem “The Fury of the Overshoes” written by Ann Sexton reminded me of my childhood. In contrast to the writer, I never thought that the world belonged to adults when I was a child. I enjoyed playing with my sisters and cousins a lot. I used to make wooden toys with the pieces of wood that I brought from my father’s workshop. They were my world. Also, there were a large number of abandoned bricks in front of the house we lived in. I used to build a small room with those bricks and play the role of the owner of it. I had a house that my parents couldn’t buy. I had fewer things to worry in those days. I just worried about which game to play with my cousins, or if the weather was rainy or sunny the next day.  I didn’t care too much about the problems in the world. I just knew I was an Afghan refugee living in Iran. I didn’t know what the exact reason for war in my country was. I remember the first time that I asked my father about the war, he said it was a war between Soviet Union and Afghanistan. Some years later, he told me the war, then, was among Afghan people themselves. He called it “war between brothers.” I didn’t understand why “brothers” should fight and kill each other.

As a child, I was very happy and enjoyed my life that I wished I would never grow up. I knew being adult brought responsibilities along with itself. However, I felt sad when I saw my parents had financial problems. I wished one day I could find a treasure in our old house and solve all the problems of my family.

Like the author, I had some fears from darkness. There was a dark basement in our house that I always felt scared to move around it at night. I though there are ghost living in the dark basement and might attack me at any moment.

 At the end, the author indicates that adult, who were once a child and wished to grow up quickly, do not enjoy their life. They take giant steps without thinking about them, but the author reminds herself of her own childhood in order not to forget it. I agree with her. There are lots of adults who get lost in their adult world, but I will never forget my childhood. I will help children to keep their innocent sprit with themselves as they grow up. I will ask them not to forget that once they hated bad people and were afraid of darkness. I will tell them not to give up their dreams.


One Response to I wished not to be an adult

  1. ansadhikari says:

    Hey Masooma,
    Hey masooma,
    You have expressed the moments of your childhood so well that it reminded me of my childhood days. Moreover, some of the activities were similar to mine like I also used to play with my cousins a lot and I used to make some toys with mud. When you talk about the war and your innocence then I feel very sad for you. I understand when we were young and curious about many things then we always got vague answers from our parents. My case is somewhat similar to yours. I also wished not to be adult when I was in the wing of teenage. When you talked about the “war between brothers” it brings me to time when I was in Nepal. Nepal is regarded as peaceful countries, but now a days there are many conflicts happening. It is the political conflicts between Nepalese brothers. In my view, “war between brothers” is like a cruel act and it should not happen in any country.

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