Emotion or Logic?

How can one live a life compressing the instinct desires with logics and responsibilities? Can we consider Hema and Kaushik as successful professionals despite the fact that they both failed to fulfill their common emotional needs? Is it appropriate to consider them independent when they always relied on their logics to rule their emotions?

The emotional failure of Hema and Kaushik clearly appeared before my eyes while I read the chapter “Going Ashore”. Hema, who had desperately wanted Kaushik since her childhood, couldn’t put enough effort to give their relation a definite shape. Her logics related to Navin and her job in Massachusetts averted her from accompanying Kaushik to Hong Kong. Her emotional need for Kaushik’s love was squeezed with her logics. On the other hand, Kaushik couldn’t convert himself on the way his emotion transformed towards Hema. He places his career (waiting in Hong Kong) before his emotional attachment to Hema. Hema too didn’t find it logical to abandon Navin and sacrifice her job just to live with Kaushik. In contrast to Hema, Kaushik cannot find logical reasons to go to Hong Kong except for his stable work place.

I strongly disagree the way both Hema and Kaushik made their decisions suppressing their emotions. They could have made a way out if they had let their emotions guide their decisions. They both loved each other and wanted their company for rest of their life. So what hindered them? Their logics separated themselves from their true selves. The term “serious” to represent adults in the novella The Little Prince grasped my attention here. Both Hema and Kaushik tempted to disguise themselves as “serious people” trying to show their maturity. If maturity comes at the cost of emotion, then why need maturity? Humans are emotional being, and if emotion has to be slaughtered for maturity, can we claim ourselves human?

Despite all disagreements, I apologize to condemn that I secretly admire the way Hema and Kaushik reacted. They both came nearer at some point of life and then made their own way out. I think they wouldn’t have missed one another as much if they had heard the call of their heart (emotions) than their mind (logics) and acted accordingly. Many unspoken words are sweeter than the spoken words. In Hema and Kaushik’s case, their unfulfilled emotion grew deeper and more passionate in their departure which might have faded away if it had been fulfilled.


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