The Magical Little Prince

The magical Little Prince

Before coming to AUW, I knew a teacher who was such a strict and arrogant person that not only the students, but also his colleagues couldn’t dare talking with him. After coming to AUW, I saw him in facebook. It was quite shocking that he had put a cartoon characteristic in his ID picture. I was absolutely surprised when I saw that –a picture of a smiley little boy. What a paradox! We had never seen him smiling! He watches “cartoons”! I was so curious to know what kind of cartoon it was. Later, one of my friends said that the name of that boy in ID picture is Shazde Koochuloo.  Two months later, our reading and writing teacher, Ms. Fatema, said that she wants to introduce the new reading books. She showed one of those books. It was The Little Prince. Suddenly I realized that The Little Prince is the thing I was looking for; it was Shazde koochuloo. I had found it! Now I could read that “magical” book! And I did it. However, surprisingly, after reading that book, I found it more difficult to find what it was! It was only a story of a pilot with a broken down plane and a little boy with his planet.  Every day, the pilot tries to fix his plane, the little boy (called the Little Prince) takes care of his planet, rose, and volcanoes; the little prince travels to other planets, meets a king, a lamplighter, a drunk man, a landlord, a fox and some others; then, he returns to his planet, he and the pilot look for water and in the end the pilot repairs his plane and the little prince dies. But, now, I am confused more than before! So what? Was this story for kids? Should we draw a conclusion from this book? Is the author trying to imply something? What are the objects of the story stand for? Has the author tried to make everything complicated or the entire story is as simple as it seems? Aren’t the authors supposed to write clearly and easy to understand? Keeping up asking these questions, I could finally find one commonality between the teacher and Little Prince. The two of them had taken a dislike of their current situation and those around them. This dissatisfaction had made them go and discover the outer worlds. Like the little prince that learnt the meaning of taming and beauty, the teacher, also, knew many things on different fields like math, literature, computer, and art.


2 Responses to The Magical Little Prince

  1. Masooma says:

    Dear Shinyday,
    I agree with you in some cases. The story of “The Little Prince” is confusing in some parts. Maybe it is because the author didn’t express his main ideas directly, which is like what adults do. However, there are many beautiful lessons in the story that we can imply in our lives. All the symbolic characters on the small planets with whom the little prince meets could represent different types of adults who think they are really important people. The king who likes to order other people to do everything to him seems funny and meaningless to the little prince. It is that simple. Even in the 21st century, when democracy is practiced in most countries in the world, there are still dictators who rule some countries, giving order all the time. There are millions of drunk or addicted people who do not quit drinking or using drug because they want to forget their problems and misery while the fact of being a drunk or an addict is their main problem.
    These are some examples of activities that adult do, but if you ask children if it is rational to do them or not, they would simply reply only crazy people behave like that proud king or the drunk man. Now, the question is if a child with his or her simple logics realizes that a normal, wise person doesn’t behave in that way, why adults do not come to this conclusion? Why they don’t know what they want from their life? Or why they measure and define everything with numbers? From the author’s point of view, adults forget their childhood, and how they easily enjoyed their life with the little things they had when they were a child. For the little prince, her flower, her planet and her volcanoes mean a lot. Most of us, as adults, do not try to enjoy what we have. Instead, we search for happiness outside our home, or in the things that belong to others.
    I guess if we look more deeply to the story and compare it to our life or people around us, we can find many examples. I really like the part about the pills that remove your thirsty. For me the water is the symbol of our hope and dreams in life. They are essential for a human being to continue his or her life. Imagine a person without any dream or goal never feels thirsty. He never moves toward achieving his dreams and doesn’t search for the any “well” in his life. He never enjoys the meaning of success because he doesn’t struggle with difficulties.

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