The Little Prince

 The Little Prince was proud of his rose on his planet but when he saw lots of rose on earth, he was bitterly disappointed. He thought that his rose was not only the rose in the world; there were lots of roses throughout the world. It was obvious to feel like that. It’s human nature. When I read through this part, I suddenly remember my childhood. During my school life, I used to be in top three; mostly I used to be first in my class. I used to be so proud of that. I didn’t use to be proud about my ability to top the class; I used to be proud as my father used to be proud of me. Whenever, there used to be discussion about study, my father used to give my example to initiate my brothers to study better. I used to feel so happy.
One day, I was sent to interschool mathematical quiz from my school. I was supposed to do well in that quiz. I was doing well in first and second round but in the final round, I could not do well. It was a buzzer round and there was also a negative ranking. My score fell unexpectedly and I lose in the quiz. I was extremely disappointed as I had lots of hope with that quiz. I felt like I was not the only good student. There are lots of good students than me; not only good better than me. After that, I did not feel proud when my father used to talk about me to praise my brothers to study. I started to feel like I was the best student for my father as I belonged to him but when I used to think about the people in that quiz I used to feel that I was just a normal student, even a poor student who could not even compete with them. It was a far thing to me to win among them. But later on, I got to know that what we had in our life is the best thing for us. My father is still proud of me as I am in one of the international university of Asia representing my whole nation. So, I have learnt to be happy with what I have. It does not mean that I am satisfied with me and I will not work hard to achieve better future.


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