scared !

Everyone fears one thing or the other. At every age, be it a child, teenage, matured or old age, fear remains with us.

Just as it is mentioned in the poem, “The Fury of Overshoes” by Anne Sexton that when she was a kid she feared the wolves that were believed to be under her bed. Similarly. When I was young I too feared a lot of things. To start, I feared my imagination (not always but in some circumstances). I imagine anything silly, funny or scary. For example, if I find myself in a dark place, even if no one utters a word or say anything. I start to imagine things and end up scaring myself. If I am lonely by myself at night or if I have to go out in dark for some reason , while moving out I used to imagine (and still sometimes I do) that some creature with big eyes and gruesome face is keeping an eye on my every move. Something is following me or it is going to attack me. Well, most of my imagination came from the movies I had seen; from the scary stories I have heard or read and the horrible things I have accidently seen before. Even if I don’t want to imagine any such stuff I couldn’t help it. My imagination would just start and scare me a lot! So I would do whatever I was supposed to do in a hurry and the work would be half done or incomplete.

 Thinking about it now, makes me laugh and I find my imagination very funny and silly but a few among them still scares me at times.

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