Response to “The fury of Overshoes”

According to the poem “The Fury of Overshoes” by Anne Sexton, the speaker used to get afraid of the wolf under her bed when she was a child. Similarly when I was a child, I always used to get afraid of black cats especially my aunt’s  big pure black cat which had got pink nose and green eyes. This is because my grand parents used to tell me that black cats are witch’s cat and they help the witch to kill people especially at night. Moreover I saw a picture of  witch holding a black cat in my colorful text book. This picture endorsed my grand parents quote and evolved a fallacy notion about my aunt in my mind.  Therefore, although my aunt’s house was located just nearby our house, I never used to visit her house nor I allow her cat to come to my house. Whenever night falls, I would be the first person at my home to lock the door from inside and close all the windows. I used to hate my aunt because she cherished her black cat more than anything. Since she doesn’t have a husband or children, the black cat was the apple of her eyes. Therefore, I was dubious whether she was a ruthless witch or not. I would start to think about all the gruesome murders that I had watched in horror movies and used to relate it with my aunt and her black cat. This notion had alienated me from my aunt. I even used to avert my parents from her by not allowing them, to talk with her. I used to cry and nag to my parents when i see them talking to her. Even if I encounter her on my way, I used to run away. My such ridiculous behavior provoked my aunt’s anger.  She then started to hate me. “Black Cat Witch” was the notable name for my aunt within my group friends. I still remember the days when I along with my naughty friends used to chase the black cat with a stick during day time and at night we used to hide from the cat. Goose pimple used to grow on my body when I hear cats mewing at night. I used to dream my aunt flying in the air on her broom stick along with her black cat at night, hunting for red fresh flesh. I used to run from my bed room towards my grand pa’s room. Today, I am no more a child; I knew that it was just an illusion. However, my aunt still doesn’t like me. She always says that she had never met a menace child like me. I deeply remorse for it.


One Response to Response to “The fury of Overshoes”

  1. phamtram says:

    You remind me of my child hood. I used to hate someone because of unlegitimate reasons. However, i felt bitterly remorse when i realized their good characteristics, so i endeavored to apologize to them. Have you ever tried to say sorry with your aunt? I believe that she will understand and forgive as soon as you apologize to her. Good luck! By the way, “I am very sorry, Dorji Om. Don’t let small things destroy our friendship, ok?”

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