`When I was reading the essay “Greek Mythology” by Clare B. Dunkle, I recalled about my religious beliefs which are not always true but considered as The Hindu Myth. Actually, mythology is a collection of stories written by a culture or a religion over the years and passed down from generation to generation. Most of the myths concern the creation of the world and the human race and people believe most of them as traditional truth.

The Hinduism is such kind of religion in which multitude  gods are believed and there are many interesting mythologies which are still now alive. Mainly, we believe three gods in our culture. Brahman, Vishnu, and Shiva. It is believed that Brahman is the lord of whole of universe and he creates everything in the universe. Vishnu is the second lord who dominates the earth and takes care of his children(people). Shiva is the third lord who destroys all the devil things in the universe.We consider Brahman as most powerful lord. It is knowned to us that our heaven is in the sky. The lord Indra dominates the heaven. As he can create the clouds and thunders, he is considered as the lord of  the sky.

Once upon a time, there was a drastic conflict between the angels and devils. The devils lived in the hell. But they did not want to live any more in the hell. They started killing the angels. The angels became disappointed and left the heaven. The lord Indra noticed all the misdeeds happening against the angels. The lord of devil is Ashure. He got a wish of immortality from Shiva for his strong worship. Nobody could not be able to kill him. Hearing this, Indra became tensed and went to discuss the matter with Brahman. But Brahman said that it was impossible for him to do anything because Ashure got a wish of immortality. He suggested that if they wanted to save the heaven they had to go such an honest person who has to sacrifice his bones to make the weapon by which the devil would be killed. After a lots of searching, at last they found Dadhichi Muni, a great saint. He accepted the proposal of Indra and sacrificed his life. After that, happiness came to the heaven. They killed all the devils associated with Ashure.

For that reason, we worship Dadhichi Muni for honesty.

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