What Is Poverty

The essay “What Is Poverty” by Jo Goodwin Parker, clearly describes what poverty and how poor feel and suffer due to poverty.

These describe the surrounding and the routine of the poor as they awake in the morning and go to bed in the night, with the same never cleaned, dirty and untidy place of residence, and the never leaving bad smell.  Poverty is working laboriously and being a chronic patient of several severe diseases like anemia.  Poverty is being hungry for several months. Still, feeding the children if you get something to make your tongue wet.  Poverty leads the poor children to skip schooling and compel to plan them to do any occupation that make you earn some money to fulfill your thirst and hunger.  Poverty separates the poor children from the wealthy ones in all aspects of life.  Poverty does not at least let you take the benefit of any public property: health clinics or government schools.  In short, poverty does not let the poor to do anything to proceed in life; rather simply compelling them to be silent and patient.

The elaborated essay of the above summery is from the perspective of first person which directly addresses the second person as the reader or the listener.  So when reading that particular essay, it sounds like the poor directly talking to the reader: complaining about the hopeless future waiting for him or her and their children and how they have suffered in the past.  The poor ask to look at them with an angry heart that will help the wealthy help to poor.

On the other hand, the wealthy people never turn their eyes or care about the poor in usual situations, perhaps, other than they get inspirations from these kinds of articles.  The wealthy people don’t even mind to feed the poor with a single parcel of food: instead they completely ignore the poor whenever they see the poor begging in a polite manner.

We all are supposed to take this seriously and find a solution to the poor who are also human beings like us and suffering without doing and evil act. This essay should call all of us for an action; to somehow lessen the bad situation that exist among poor, so that all of us can live in peace and harmony.  Hope everyone will think about this and take this to an action…

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