suicide or death !

The story Once in a Life Time by Jhumpa Lahiri is very interesting and I liked the way the author has written it.  When the story was written in first person’s point of view it took more credit for my interest in reading it. In the end of the story, the cause of Kaushik’s death is not mentioned clearly. Of course, it is assumed that he got drowned in the water and he died (which is also possible and is likely to be that way) but there is no prove of it.  Lately, we were questioned in the class about the death of Kaushik – whether it was a suicide or accidental death? So this question makes it possible that his death can be either a suicide or death.

A few of us said that he must have committed suicide while others said it was an accidental death. Some of my friends in the class said that Kaushik committed suicide because he couldn’t live alone and he missed Hema. He could not bear to be alone anymore. Some added that since he had finally found Hema and losing her so soon might have caused him to commit the suicide. On the other hand, to Kaushik, his mother’s death should have been even worse than losing Hema but his mother’s death didn’t cause him a big deal. He and his father didn’t even cry like Kaushik’s grandparents did.  And on part of being alone and missing Hema, Kaushik was alone since his teenage and he didn’t speak much. He was most of the time on his own, doing things that he was interested in. For example, taking pictures and moving from one place to another. It is true that he missed Hema but I feel that the bond between them is not strong. It’s just that they have met after so long and that’s when they get into the situation where they felt that they are destined for each other. But actually, the feeling that they felt was something that one feels for the first time when they meet someone that they like to be with and knew one other before.

So his death might have been an accidental death rather than a suicide. It’s the flood that occurred and his lack of swimming ability that he probably had drowned to death.

One Response to suicide or death !

  1. ansadhikari says:

    I agree with you Yogeta. At first, I was also the one to think that he might have committed suicide, but when I thought carefully the chances of his death by Tsunami were more rational then committing suicide. It is also true that Kausik character is quite reserved, however, talking little doesn’t mean that they are unsatisfied with each and everything in their life. Neither the text shows any kind of frustration and depression that high enough to commit suicide. Your logic also makes sense if he has to commit suicide for love, then he would have committed when he lost his mother, whom he love the most – more than Hema. One more thing that I have realized that Kausik always lived alone since his childhood, then committing suicide for loneliness would never be relevant according to our essay.

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