Response to The Little Prince:Where Complex Philosophy is in Simple Form

Have you ever thought that how your ‘special’ thing or person becomes ‘special’ to you? 
Have you ever discovered the reason behind your feeling which you cherish for your loved one? 
Maybe these questions seem vague to you. Actually these questions might seem to me so if I did not read the book The Little Prince by an amazing writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery. We never think that why our favorite thing or favorite person becomes dear to us. We also do not know what traits attract us to choose that particular thing or person from several different options. The writer of this book seeks the answers of these questions throughout in this book and eventually finds and explains it in most simple form. As a reader, the protagonist of this novella addressed as ‘The Little Prince’ attracts me very much for his continual self-exploration to gain knowledge as if this fictitious character is a reflection of the author. The little prince wanted to find his beloved ‘rose’ as unique one, but it was a shock for him when he had found a rose garden in the planet Earth where the roses were alike his ‘rose’. However, the little prince came to know a philosophic secret when he met the fox, an important character of this book, and realized that one could not understand everything at first glance; there was something more which was invisible. This philosophic secret widens the outlook of little prince as well as mine. 
 Now we are all living in a hectic world where we tend to find the materialistic meaning from everything which narrows our mind and limits the boundary of our knowledge. We are no longer exploring ourselves or learning anything that would be essential for us to broaden our outlook and perception. Like the little prince, we do not know in prior that what is the deeper meaning of anything. However, if we explore anything without looking only its surface, but the invisible and precious value, it seems more attractive to ourselves which we never imagine. May be then we can understand the secret as the fox said to the little prince, “Here is my secret. It’s quite simple: One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”


One Response to Response to The Little Prince:Where Complex Philosophy is in Simple Form

  1. kalpana23 says:

    Samia, I am glad that you have captured the very thing that I was fully satisfied with in the entire book. No doubt! the book is immensely fabulous, but I liked the notion that one sees clearly with the heart though it may be invisible to the eyes. For example, if a girl has cell phone that may be simple and similar to other people. She thinks that everybody has got the similar type of cell phone which is of no use other than making a call and receiving a call, so she does not like her cell phone. However, if she looses her phone in some ways, she feels very bad even if her parents gift her a brand new model phone and keeps remembering her own phone. She realizes the value of her phone only after it’s gone. This example also illustrates that the time we spent with our beloved makes them more special to us. Thus, one should see with heart rather than thrugh eyes.

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