While I was reading the short story “Once in a Lifetime” written by popular writer Jhumpa Lahiri, I became nostalgic for a while. In the story, it is written that, when Hema was nine years old, she was coerced to wear the clothes of Kaushik. She had received those clothes when Kaushik’s family came back to India. In my childhood I would live in a joined family and I was the eldest sister among my cousins. Hence, when I grew up, the clothes that would not fit me were given away to my cousin, who was two years younger than me. Moreover she was always forced to read the old textbooks of mine. It was really painful and she did not like it. For this reason, she would often quarrel with her mother and cried a lot not to force her to wear all those clothes, or use those books. I too remember, like Hema’s party dress some of my dress would also contain the seal of the textile company. Like Hema I would fret too about this fact, but my mother would always assure me in the same way Hema’s mother did to her. Like Hema’s family, sometimes we had party in our house and like Hema’s mother; my mother and aunts would cook lots of delicious food. Like Hema, I and my cousins would become hungry by the smell of the food, but we had not been allowed to touch the foods before the guests arrived. In the story, it is written that, Hema had to leave her room for Kaushik when his family came back to America and had to stay for some days in their house until Kaushik”s family found for them one. I remember; we would also have relatives who would visit our family from time to time. As they would stay in our house for some days, I had to sacrifice my room for their children although like Hema I did not like that somebody would stay in my room and damage my favorite things and room. I would often ask my Mom that when the guests would go away from our home and she would console me. Like Hema, whenever I would meet any of my modern and fashionable aunts, I would feel with awe. I wished if I could be like them. In conclusion, in this story, I have found many similarities with my life and I recalled them when I was reading the story.


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