When I was reading the definition essay “What is poverty” I became emotional with my tears. In this essay the poverty is defined in an obvious way which is very heart-touching. Poverty is such kind of curse which grasps every dreams and happiness from human life. It represents the lack of basic human needs, such as clean water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter, because of the inability to provide them. I live in Jamal Khan and there is a slum little bit far away from my house. When I used to go school, on that way, I had to see the pathetic seen and unbearable condition of the poor people .Most of the people live in the street; they have to live in the dirty, foul place. This essay has changed my outlook towards the poor people .Before reading this essay I thought myself men can be poor but why are they dirty? Now, I have found my answer that it is not easy for a poor family to keep themselves neat and tidy. They require money to buy soap and washing powder to clean their body and surroundings. Also, poor people always have to wear old dresses that have gone out of use and these clothing generally look ugly. As they have no money to buy new clothes. Before reading this essay I felt hatred to the poor girls who become engaged in prostitution to earn money. Now, this is obvious to me that a prostitute is a victim of poverty. A girl who has been experiencing extreme poverty all her life, she has to see her dying father struggling against death for want of medicine. Seeing her brother addicted because of poverty which causes depression compels her to be engaged in prostitution. For want of money, her mother works outside as a servant. The family cannot provide money to marry off her sister. Facing all these difficulties the poor girl selects the profession as a prostitute to make her family happy.

Poverty is a serious problem facing Bangladesh but there is no doubt about it that this is the consequence of our own activities, though it has not been created in overnight. We are a nation averse to industry. Many of us do not try to improve their lot by means of industry. They only sit idle, cursing their fate. They do not try to realize that idleness is a deadly sin. So, all of us should work in a body for the development of the country and nation.

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