Questions on “The Little Prince”

I am really confused about the novella The Little Prince. The reason is that I can’t understand many allegories the speaker has used in the book. For example, why does the speaker choose many different planets to describe different characteristics of people? A number of kings, vain men, drunkards, businessmen, lamplighters, and geographers are also living in the earth, but why does the writer Saint Exupery chooses other planets? Moreover, when the little prince arrived at his seventh planet, the earth, why doesn’t he find any person? My another question is what is the reason that every character in this story is solitary creature, who needs a friend? In addition to these, there are also some strange things; for instance, dangerous creatures like a fox and a snake become good friends of the little prince. We generally consider foxes to be cunning animals who always want to grab something from someone, but here the fox teaches the little prince how to be tame. Furthermore, the snake, who always does harm to everybody, wants to help the prince to meet his own flower. As the little prince had gone to many planets, why he can’t able to return to his own planet after coming on the earth? He wants the snake to bite him so that he can return to his own planet and spend a happy and prosperous life with the flower. In the last chapter the narrator was worried about the flower because the sheep might eat it, but how can the drawing of a sheep eat the flower? One more thing is that the salesclerk said that after taking his thirst-quenching pills the little prince could save his time that he wasted in drinking water. However, why did the little prince said to the salesclerk that in that free time he will go to a source of water? If he spends his time in going to a fountain, then it will be better not to take those pills and drink water from that fountain.

            On the other hand, the book is very interesting and full of knowledge. I have learnt a lot from this book. The main moral is we should never ignore a person who loves us. When I was a child, I heard a thought, “Love the person who hates you, but never hate the person who loves you. If you do so, one day you will realize that you had lost a diamond while you were busy collecting stones.”

5 Responses to Questions on “The Little Prince”

  1. nusrat4 says:

    While reading the novella “The Little Prince”, all these questions also emerged in my mind.I think the writer Saint Exupery chose different planets to make the story interseting and to describe each persons whom the little prince meet, elaborately.In order to make the novella interesting, he might have used the fox and the snake and after all we have to remember that it is a fiction.So, the writer can use anything as character in his story.About the thurst-quenching pill,i belief, the little prince will need it when he is very much thirsty and eat this pill so that he can get some times to find a fountain for drinking water naturally.These are the some possible answers that i belief although i don’t know most of the questions’ answers that raised not only in your mind but also mine.However, ‘The Little Prince” was really a wonderfull story with full of knowledge and in your blog i like your conclusion most.

  2. Thu Nguyen says:

    Dear Savitri,
    First of all, I would like to say that you are a critical thinker, and I strongly appreciate your ability. I just want to tell you what I think about your question. I guess the writer let the Little Prince to visit each person with different characteristics in different planets in order to clearly talk about the grown-ups. Because they often merely think about themselves, about their own world, don’t you think that it is a good idea to describe them separately to mention this part? For example, the drunkard is a selfish person; he drinks to forget about his tedious life. How about his family? Apparently, he doesn’t care about them. The Little Prince doesn’t find anyone on the earth because he is on desert, does he? As I said above, this story focuses on the people who are selfish, so they don’t have friends; therefore, they need someone to be with them, especially to be dominated by them. For your confusion about the creatures like the fox and the snake, I think this is a fiction story, so everything can happen. Moreover, I have read a lot of stories in which a lion or a wolf can be a very good friend of people. The drawing of the sheep can eat the rose because it is fictitious, and the writer wants to say that children are those who can think about everything, even if it seemed impossible or implausible. Children don’t care about it, they just like, want, and they think the way they like. Maybe you ask me about the pilot, but you know, he used to be a kid, and he knew how a kid is and which way they think. At that time, when he is with the Little Prince, he partly realizes himself of his childhood. Therefore, he can understand the situation. That the Little Prince says that he will spend the time he saves from drinking thirst-quenching pills, my opinion is that he wants to teach us a lesson that small things are also important to our life. Don’t purchase blindly your desires and ignore small things in your life. It is highly convincing than he says he won’t try the pills to drink water from the fountain. He likes drinking water, and he wants to savor it. Like you, I am also skeptical about the return of the Little Prince.

  3. While reading your response, I got to know that you have found the novella “The Little Prince” confusing and as a result, you ended up with lots of questions. I was also confused about the story in the beginning, but slowly I understood it. After the discussion we had about it in our class, I found the story much interesting and knowledgeable. The questions you have asked are quite reasonable? I would like to answer some of your questions on the basis of my understanding. You have asked that why the speaker chooses different planet to describe different people, if they are found in the earth. According to me, the speaker may have chosen different planet to describe different people because he wanted to show that each person in the world has their own world and has their own way to live. The world they belong to includes the people they have shared their times, and that make their world beautiful and meaningful. You have also asked that why the little prince tells that instead of taking thirst-quenching pills and save time; he would like to spend that time searching for water. I think that if he would have chosen to take the pills and save time, he would not have enjoyed the feelings of satisfaction after drinking water. Through this, the narrator wanted to explain that the happiness which we get after struggling hard for it makes our achievement more valuable and we can fully enjoy it.
    Best of luck for your other posts.

  4. Thank you very much to all of you
    I got satisfactory answer of every questions.
    Now. I understand the meaning more clearly.
    best of luck

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