On 31st Janurary 2011, I  was invited to a conference held by Chittagong Grammar School (CGS). The conference for the day was based on social inequality, economic inequality and political inequality. One Canadian speaker talked about poverty, and she stated that 60% of the world’s population is covered by the darkness of poverty. Indeed, her speech with the photographs of poor people reminded me of the essay ‘Poverty’ that I had studied in my class.

Whenever I see indigent people in the street begging for money, some questions always come to my mind. Why don’t they do some work? Or why don’t they ask for a loan and start a small business to sustain their living? In fact, each and every micro-detail mentioned in the essay has changed my mind towards the poor. Now, I know all of these questions are fictitious and why the people are actually poor. What I have learned from the essay is that they do not have any choice; yes, not even a single choice which can uplift their lives.

In the conference, an activity organized by the CGS was amazing which reflected the actual life of the poor people. ‘A Hunger Banquet’ was the activity where all the delegates of the conference were divided into groups; that is, 60% of them were poor class people, and the rest were middle-class and high-class people. I was in the poor-class. We had to eat the food which poor people eat every day. It was rice with tasteless curry; whereas, the rich were given many kinds of delicious food. At that time, I had to eat the given food to kill my hunger because I had no other choices. That was a moment for the first time in my life I encountered what poverty is like. I concede that the given food wasn’t that bad when compared to the actual food that poor people eat, but for me it was like hell. My feeling was exact to the feeling and emotions that the narrator of  “Poverty”  had expressed.

Today, I consider Parker’s essay as a masterpiece. I must say Parker has defined poverty in an actual existing way. Moreover, when I pretended to be poor,  a deep sorrow filled my heart. With the inspiring speech and knowledge from Parker’s essay, I want to make a change; I would like to share my gained knowledge and spread health awareness to live a happy and better life.


5 Responses to Poverty

  1. I am agree with you. I am also in the poor group that day, so I can feel emotions of poor people. In the CGS (Chittagong Grammar School) we sit down in the floor and eat that bad food. If we think as prospective of poor people, than we can easily say, that food is the best food for poor people. They rarely get such type of bad food twice in a day; moreover, they never take their food by sitting in a chair and a table. I have seen poverty very closely in India, so I can say that it is a terrible giant who eats a lot of people every year. Therefore let’s take a oath to remove poverty and make an equal world for everyone. If we do so, than 60% of population(which are in the category of poor) come in either rich or in the middle class family. As a result, we got many people to uplift our globe. They all contribute their knowledge and hands in different fields. For example, some go into the technical field other go into agricultural field etc. In this way everyone helps everyone and the world is free of every artificial disaster, and peace establish between us. Everyone have a happy and prosperous life. Therefore, first try to uplift poor then this earth became happy by itself. Therefore, let’s remove the large gap between poor and rich.

  2. Mumthaz says:

    I hope you really had a very good chane to experience what poverty is and how the poor suffer due to that. Specially you would have xperinced that better than others becouse we have already discussed about that in our class. Hence, now I am curious to know if u have taken any steps to go forward that can fascilitate the life of poor or do you hope to do anything like that atleast in the future, during the time in AUW?

    • ansadhikari says:

      Thank you Mumthaj for your comments. Yes, I am looking forward to do something with the knowledge I have gained. As my interest is in economics I would like volunteer in teaching some strategies of business to the poor single women in Bangladesh during the time in AUW. As we have seen, no women runs even a small tea shop over here. Therefore, I want to give some knowledge about the economics to the poor women so that they don’t have to rely only on the other male members of the family to earn their living.

  3. Ms. Fatema says:

    Great post, Anshu. You say that you want to make a change in the world. Do you have any ideas on how you might work towards this?

    One good way may be to become more informed about what other people are doing, perhaps read up about the various programs currently in action for relieving poverty. Research is always a good place to start. I’d love to hear your ideas, though.

  4. tausifa says:

    Your reply essay about poverty is very heart touching. I couldn’t refrain myself from crying when I saw your posted photos on poverty. I also feel hell like you when I don’t find anything better to eat. Now I can realize we have many choices, but half of the world’s population has no choice; they just need any kind of food to remove hunger. Before reading the essay “what is poverty” I thought that people can be poor, but why are they dirty? Also, why do poor people always commit violence? Now I have understood how difficult it is to be neat and clean without money. I can also realize the situation when necessity knows no laws.

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